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Friday, July 26, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Comparisons

Good morning loves! When I did my review of the Fall PixieDust collection I promised you a comparison post of some of those vs a few from the Summer PixieDust collection and one from the original PixieDust collection. This isn't a picture heavy post since all of these shades have been reviewed in previous posts, I just wanted to do a quick post for those who were requesting it!

 Arabella vs Miranda

Arabella is from the Fall collection while Miranda is from the Summer collection. In the bottle these look very similar, only a shade or two off but once they are applied you can see the obvious differences. Miranda is more rose pink while Arabella is more Fuchsia. Arabella does lean slightly more pink and less purple than it looks in this photo.

Tomoko vs Godiva

Tomoko is from the Fall collection, Godiva is from the original. This has been one of the most requested comparisons of all of them, I had been asked from the very beginning if Tomoko was a Godiva dupe. There are no dupes in the Pixies at all, these two are completely different. Tomoko is a metallic silver/champagne. Godiva is a sparkly matte nude/beige it reminds me of sand or light brown sugar. Actually the only thing about these two shades that is similar is the fact that they are a bit more sheer than most of the other Pixies from all of the collections and require an extra coat to make fully opaque. 

Dhara vs Destiny

Dhara is from the Fall collection, Destiny from the Summer collection. These were the two I had been concerned about being too similar when I first saw Dhara in the press release. For some reason I kept thinking that Destiny was more orange than it is. As you can see these two girls, while they have some similarities, are very different colors. Dhara being a true fiery orange with lots of golden sparkle, while Destiny is coral with golden sparkle.  

Sunshine vs Liberty

This comparison I threw in just for good measure, just in case any one was wondering. Sunshine is from the Fall collection, Liberty from the Summer collection. As you can see the two are very different. Sunshine is more of a navy blue with silver sparkle. Liberty is a much brighter blue, closer to cobalt, with blue sparkle. 

So there you have it. Fast, easy and painless! If you haven't seen my reviews on all of the Zoya PixieDust collections you can see them by clicking the links below:

You can purchase Zoya PixieDust  at, they retail for $9 each. As always Zoya polishes are all 5 Free and Cruelty Free.
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I am still waiting on the other two Fall collections, the Cashmeres and Satins, once I receive them I will have some swatches up ASAP! 

Have a great weekend!
Gini ♥

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