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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lynx Lacquer "Admiring Aurora" & "Rainbow Flurries"

Hello again my polished pretties! 2 posts in 1 day, woohoo! I'm on a roll!  Tonight I have a very new Indie brand to show you, Lynx Lacquer. I have been following Samantha, creator of Lynx Lacquer, on her personal Instagram for a while and when she started to show of her labels for her soon to be released brand I was excited! Her labels have to be the cutest I've ever seen! I was thrilled to be able to try these out and show you all just a bit of what Lynx Lacquer has to offer. 

 Rainbow Flurries...
...a matte and textured white polish with various rainbow glitters.
All photos of Rainbow Flurries are shown as 3 coats no top coat.

I am a textured polish fanatic, no big secret there, so I was really excited when my package from Lynx Lacquer came and I had one of the textured polishes to review. This is my first Indie texture, that makes me even more excited since there aren't really that many Indie's making these! This texture is a very subtle one, not too chunky or abrasive. The texture kind of reminds me of the popcorn ceilings we had in my house when I was growing up. The added touch of color makes it a look a bit like a jawbreaker! The formula was really nice, it wasn't thick or goopy. It was nice that it was thinner, I used 3 thin coats for full opacity. The glitters came out without any issues and they spread on the nail nicely. Dry time was fairly quick too, one of the great things about textures is thy have a pretty good dry time and this was no exception! 

Admiring Aurora...
... a beautiful diamond black shimmer polish with various rainbow glitters.
All photos of Admiring Aurora are shown as 3 coats topped with SH Mega Shine.

I almost got away with 2 coats but there was still a tiny bit of VNL, the 3rd coat made it perfect. The shimmer in this is beautiful and the rainbow of glitters are so subtle but really effective in giving this just the right amount of color. Again the formula is excellent, there was no thickening during use and it didn't flood the cuticles or sides. Dry time was nice as well with my fast dry top coat. =)

You can purchase Lynx Lacquer at Full size bottles retail for $7.99 each, excluding the LE Velvet Pawlish, and mini bottles retail for $5.25 each.
Lynx Lacquer's are all 3 Free and Cruelty Free.

You can follow Lynx Lacquers on these social media sites:
Twitter @lynxlacquer
Instagram @lynxlacquer

What do you think about these polishes? I really like them a lot, and I just can't get over how adorable that label is! ♥ I had a third polish to show you but I am waiting for a replacement since there was an issue with that particular shade. Once I have the new one I will make sure to swatch it for you all right away! 

Gini ♥

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