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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Tape Mani

Hey everyone! I know this post is several days late but I had to get my reviews caught up and I really had a hard time getting any inspiration for a tape mani I haven't done before. When I finally got around to doing my nails for this post I had a couple things in mind but I was having one of those days then nothing worked the way I planned it. So when all else failed I opted for something I'm familiar with! So I did a Studded Striped Gradient.

Colors used:
Base: Finger Paints Paper Mâché
Gradient light to dark:  Zoya  Darcy, Thandie & Yana (from the Stunning Collection)
Top Coat: Out the Door Northern Lights

I love gradients and I'm glad I did chose this comfortable technique, especially since this is only my second attempt at using striping tape. That first attempt was a major fail! LOL It worked much better this time around, I think. I still need to work on my stud placement but they stuck, that's the important thing in my opinion. This is my first time using the squared studs I was pretty surprised at how flat they lay since my nails are pretty curved. I was afraid they would catch on everything, especially my hair, but they stayed on really strong! Yay! 

Now that I finally have this posted I am going to go bury myself in bed again! I'm still not feeling very well, My sinuses are killing me and I still have the blues, so my bed is my BFF right now. ;)
Have a great weekend.
Gini ♥

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