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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Polish TBH "Dark & Difficult Times" & "Pumpkin Pasties"

Today I have 2 polishes from the new Diagon Alley collection from Polish TBH to show you. I was really excited when Christian hinted that she was creating a Harry Potter themed collection for fall and these do not disappoint! As a Potterhead I need them for the theme but as a lacquerhead, in my opinion, I need them because they are absolutely stunning!  

 Pumpkin Pasties..., gold, pink, black and white square, hex and bar glitters in various sizes and finishes in a clear base.
All photos of Pumpkin Pasties are shown as 2 coats over Zoya Flynn topped with SH Insta-Dry.

Oooooweeeee! Ain't that a pretty fall mani? It kind of reminds me of pumpkin pie.  This pretty glitter bomb would look great over several colors, I'm actually kicking myself now for not swatching it over red. I love the hint of pink in the sea of orange and gold. The glitters come out easily, spread across the nail with no effort and lay flush against the nail leaving the nail smooth and even without a glitter smoothing top coat. The formula is lovely, not too thick but thick enough that there isn't glitter running everywhere during application. 

Dark & Difficult Times...
...a gray blue almost crelly like base with holo charcoal and black glitters in various sizes and red/green color shifting flakies.
All photos of Dark & Difficult Times are shown as 2 coats topped with SH Insta-Dry.

This is now my all time favorite from Polish TBH! Holy cow, it's so fan-frickin-tastic I didn't want to take this off. The formula is perfection. It applies smoothly and evenly with no pooling, flooding, dragging or thickening. The glitters lay in the polish nicely so it all smooths out beautifully. The flakies are amazing and what makes this my favorite, they take this shade to a whole other level. Christian said her inspiration for this shade were the gloomy skies that were seen throughout the series. I like to think that these flakies add that magical looking element to it as well. 

Christian's store is currently closed in preparation for the release of this collection. So if you didn't preorder these you will be able to grab them when she reopens on Saturday August, 31 at 10am PST. They retail for $10 each at these websites:
US purchases only:
International purchases only:

You can also follow Polish TBH on these social media sites:

I have 2 more polishes from this collection to swatch for you all, I should have those up next week. Until then, I have borrowed a picture of swatch sticks from Christian of all 6 polishes for you to see!
Which ones do you need? 
♥ Gini ♥

PC: Polish TBH
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