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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Live Life Polished Summer Neons

As summer is coming to a close a lot of you are anxious for fall shades. I love vampy, dark colors too but I'm one of those people who wears what I want when I want, no matter the time of year. Since I'm a color trend rebel I don't think it's too late in the season to show you these sensational jellies from Live Life Polished! These area perfect summer colors and could also be perfect to try and cheer you during the cooler months to come!

I have 4 colors from the 8 shade collection to show you. All of them apply smoothly and dry to a slightly matte finish. When top coat is added they transform into a beautiful squishiness! None of them had any issues at all, perfect formulas! I used 3 coats for each shade and finished them all with a coat of SH Insta-Dry. 

Teeny Bikini...
...dark neon pink jelly.

This eye searing pink is not quite as opaque as it appears in the photos, it freaked my camera out a little bit, but it was much more opaque than I had expected. A fourth coat probably could have covered the rest of the vnl with all of these but I like the look of a slightly sheer jelly. This, and any other from the collection, could be layered over white to hide any vnl if you don't like the look that jellies have. White undies could also be used to make the color pop even more but the colors are all pretty darn bright as it is!

Purple Rain...
...neon purple.

These photos show this as true as it is person. It really depends on the lighting, brighter light more vnl shows up and less light makes them look more opaque, but all of these neons show up the same as shown in these pictures of Purple Rain.

Sunset Glow...
...neon orange.

This orange is awesome, I love how bright and juicy it looks! Again it's a bit more sheer than it shows in these photos, like Teeny Bikini. 

Vacation Blues...
...neon blue.

This is the perfect neon blue! Squishy and intense! It kind of reminds me of a blue Slurpee! LOL Like the others it is a bit more sheer in person, but not much.

You can purchase Live Life Polished on StoreEnvy
Tammy has some of the best prices for an Indie brand, $6 for full size and $3 for minis. There is a special right now on full sized bottles of the Summer Neon collection, they will be 35% off from 9/7 to 9/28. They will already be marked down so no code is needed! You can also use the code SASSY for 15% off any order you make excluding the Summer Neons. 

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What do you think about these bright jellies? Would you sport them anytime of the year or hoard them until next summer? 

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