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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ninja Polish "Shillelagh"

Heeeeeeey! How is everyone? Good I hope. I missed last weeks TIOT but today I have a most epic polish to try and make up for it! Before we get into the sparkly goodness of this lovely lacquer I want to give an update on the state of our TIOT Facebook photo album. Last week I tried to rearrange a photo that was out of place, once I did that it scrambled a lot of the photos. I have been unable to place them in the right order ever since. I have contacted Facebook 5 times and haven't gotten so much as an "F YOU we won't help" from them, therefore I will be creating a brand new Album for TIOT. I was thinking maybe starting a new album every month; just in case something like this happens again so I won't have to redo them all again. Any thoughts? Ok that's enough talk, now on to the polish! 

...a bright sparkling emerald green with a shift to gold to bronze.
All photos of Shillelagh are shown as 2 coats topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

Isn't that stunning!? I was lucky enough to have an amazing friend of mine, Nicole from Nicole Gets Nailed, surprise me with a Gift Certificate from Ninja Polish for my birthday and this was one of the polishes I picked. I fell in love with this one with the bottle shot alone! I wish I had been able to capture all of the beauty for you but I feel as though I failed. It looks great in the pictures but those pale in comparison to how it looks in person. The formula is amazing! It was smooth as silk without any flaws at all. I'm really happy that it's an opaque shifty, requiring no undies. Shillelagh can be purchased for $11 on the Ninja Polish website:

If you would like to show off your Try It On Tuesday mani or would like to see the others who have participated just visit my Facebook wall (here). Hopefully I will have the new album(s) up and running asap! 

♥ Gini ♥

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