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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Polish TBH "Thestral" & "Sorcerer's Stone"

Happy humpday! How about some more Polish TBH Diagon Alley swatches to help get you over that hump? Last week I showed you Dark & Difficult Times and Pumpkin Pasties, if you happened to miss that post check it out by clicking here! 

...a black sheer jelly with multiple sizes and shapes of black and black holo. Purple lavender hexes and micro silver finish this off this squishy jelly.
All photos of Thestrals are shown as 4 coats topped with SH Insta-Dry

As described, it is sheer so if you don't want to use as many layers as I did I recommend using some black undies, I really just wanted to try this on it's own. The formula is a bit thicker than any of the other Polish TBH's I've tried in the past and I should have added a couple drops of thinner for easier application, but i ran out, oops! There are a ton of glitters in Thestral so you don't need to fish for them, they come out without any issues. 

Sorcerer's Stone...
...when warm on the it's a light red, when cold it is a dark brownish red with red, black and silver holo glitters.
All photos of Sorcerer's Stone are shown as 3 coats topped with SH Insta-Dry.

Application was a breeze, no thickening, pulling, dragging or clumping. The glitters spread evenly and the transition is very strong. If you want to see a video of the transition I have on on my Instagram, click here to see that. This would be a great polish for a cool fall day. You could watch the temperature change on your fingers and the colors are perfect! 

Click to enlarge.

The Diagon Alley Collection retails for $10 per bottle with the exception of Sorcerer's Stone which is $12. They can be purchased on the following web shops:
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