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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chevron Nail Art: "Nail Vinyls" Review

Hello my polished pretties! Today I have a mani that I hope you all will enjoy! I recently have been given the opportunity to try out and review Nail Vinyls! I was super excited to try these bad boys out. I love tape manicures but I don’t always have the right kind of scissor or the patience to try and cut the tape perfectly. This is the reason I have never tried the chevron pattern, I just convinced my self that I didn’t particularly like that design. I was lying to myself! 

I received 3 sets of vinyls: single chevron, regular chevron and straight.
I decided to try out the regular chevron first! I told you I was lying to myself about not liking that design. 

First thing’s first. I started off with my base color: WingDust Collections Blue Like Jazz. I actually recycled this week’s Try It On Tuesday mani for this, click here for that post.

Next I applied the chevron vinyls to my thumb, middle and ring fingers, I went with the basic horizontal application for this mani, and used Zoya Seraphina, from the Zenith Collectionas my second color. I’m really diggin these colors together, it’s got a cool winter feel. 

Click to enlarge.

These are so easy to use! I actually prefer these over tape. Tape can be so infuriatingly finicky it's ridiculous! Normally you would need pinking sheers to get the chevron cut on your tape, or you could take the crazy approach and cut the pattern one triangle at a time but that is just insanity to me and I would rip my hair out! I have an issue with needing uniformity and I would go bonkers attempting it that way! Tape can also be too sticky sometimes. Have you ever decided to do a tape mani just to have the frickin tape pull up your base color while trying to remove it? I have! So you can try and remove some of that stickiness by applying it to the hand first but sometimes it can make it loose too much of it's adhesiveness or even certain brands, I've noticed, just don’t want to stick! You think it's on the nail nice and tight, you polish and then pull up the tape only to have wonky lines that you could have done just as well, or even better, freehand! 

Nail Vinyls come off the sheet easily and though they are sufficiently sticky they aren't so sticky that they leave any adhesive on the nail like some tape can do. Best part is they can be placed and moved several times, in case you didn't get it in the right spot the first time, and still stick once you've gotten the placement right! I recommend removing them with a pair of tweezers so you don't get polish all over your fingers and make sure to remove them while the second color is still wet or you can end up with lifting! 

Then just for fun, on my index and pinkie, I added a vertical row of rhinestones and a bit of silver metal chain to each side to give it a bit of funky sparkle! I topped the whole thing off with a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash. I think this would be a cool New Year's Eve party mani! 

You can purchase Nail Vinyls online at There are a lot of patterns to choose: from 3 different sizes of chevron, zebra, Yes ZEBRA and many more! This style I have shown you today is the "Chevron", not to be confused with the "Chevron Mini" or even the "Chevron Maxi". They come in a sheet of 100 for $3 or you can save a little and get 3 sheets of 100 for $7.50!  Prices and decal count vary between design. 

I have the Single Chevron and the Straights to show you still and I'm in love with the chevron so you can be sure there will be a lot of Nail Vinyl manicures in the future on Sassy Paints! 

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