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Friday, December 20, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness: A Parliament of Magpies Collection Part 2

Hey girls and boys, happy Friday! Today I have 4 polishes more from the new Nail Pattern Boldness collection, A Parliament of Magpies, to show you. If you didn't see on Facebook already, Allison launched this collection earlier today so make sure you grab your set!  You can see my review of the first part of this collection by clicking here. She also has a small explanation for the names of each polish included in her listings. You should definitely read those, I always enjoy learning where inspiration comes from. Allison is extremely creative when it comes to names of polishes and collections and I usually learn something new with each new polish she creates!  

This group, like the last, are very glitter dense and this makes them perfect for a full coverage glitter. The formula is thick enough so you get plenty of glitter on the nail in just two coats, yet they aren’t too thick that they’re hard to work with. Allison always has the most excellent formulas making application a breeze! I can not stress this enough though: you will need to make sure that you let them dry thoroughly between coats to prevent clumping and dragging. 

All 4 polishes are shown as 2 coats, no undies, over NPB Glitter-A-Peel on all but my ring finger which is 1 coat over Spoiled Show Me Some Skin in a chevron design I created using Nail Vinyls (see my review on those here). Also since these are micro glitters they will dry textured so I do recommend using some NPB Glitter Food, a glitter smoothing top coat for those glitters that tend to “eat” your top coat, before applying your regular top coat. The top coat I used is NPB Digital Flash. I haven't written out a review on this just yet, I will soon, but I can safely say if you were wondering about this top coat IT IS AMAZING! 

…navy blue micro glitters with chartreuse and purple accents in a clear base.

I love blue. I love this. I knew I would! Allison picked some great colors to compliment each other, colors I never would have thought to pair together. I swear that woman is a genius! 

…purple micro glitters with green, chartreuse and orange accents in a clear base

If you are a purple fan, you need this. If your not so much a purple fan, what’s wrong with you? Just kidding…kind of. Seriously though. This is a beautiful glitter bomb and is a must have for sure! 

…red micro glitters with black and bronze accents in a clear base.

At first when I  saw this in the bottle I immediately thought Christmas. After wearing it I no longer think that, I think HOT! It makes me think of spice and heat…not in the flavor sense either. Lusty is right, the name is perfect! 

…light pink micro glitters with green and lavender accents in a clear base.

Tricky is probably my favorite of this group. The softness of the pink and the subtle lavender mixed with that *POP* of green will make this an excellent polish to have for spring. Yes I know we have barely gotten into winter but I want the cold to go away. LOL Seriously though this would be great any ol’ time of the year but I can see myself reaching for this come the big thaw! 

You can purchase these and the rest of  A Parliament of Magpies collection online at They retail for $9 per full size bottle and all orders over $45 will ship free within the US and Canada! As always Allison’s creations are 3Free (except for Glitter-A-Peel), Cruelty Free and thoroughly tested to give you a quality product!

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I plan on having the third and final part of the swatches for this gorgeous collection up on Monday, so take a small break from all the craziness of preparing for the upcoming holiday and come by to see them! 

♥ Gini ♥

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