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Monday, December 23, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness: A Parliament of Magpies Collection Part 3

Hello loves! Is everyone ready for Christmas? I’m not! I feel like I haven't done anything to prepare as of yet, oh wait! I haven't!! LOL Today I have the third and final four polishes from the newest Nail Pattern Boldness collection “A Parliament of Magpies”. Allison launched this collection on Friday so go forth and buy all the Magpies! If you happened to have missed the first couple of posts for this collection you can go see those those by clicking here for part I and here for part II.

Like the last two collections, these area all micro glitter polishes that have accents of slightly larger glitters in a clear base. These are meant for solo wear but can be worn over anther color, but hey are very glitter dense so they only require 2 coats, 3 if you really feel the need. Make sure to allow enough dry time between coats to prevent clumping and dragging. 

All 4 polishes are shown as 2 coats, no undies over NPB Glitter-A-Peel on all but my ring finger. Those I created an accent nail using Spoiled Show Me Some Skin and a 2 sponged coat glitter gradient  for two shades and the other two are a 1 coat chevron design using Nail Vinyls. Since these are micro glitters they will dry textured so I do recommend using some NPB Glitter Food, a glitter smoothing top coat for those glitters that tend to “eat” your top coat, before applying your regular top coat. The top coat I used is NPB Digital Flash  (review coming soon).

…deep garnet micro glitters with light brown and fuchsia accents in a clear base.

This is such a beautiful rich color and these photos do not do it justice. This jewel toned beauty would make an excellent addition to anyone’s stash! I could see pairing this with a teal base if you wanted to or even in addition to a teal mani for a glittery accent nail! The glitter combo is perfect and the sparkle in it is spectacular. Actually the sparkle in all of these is awe-inspiring, you really won’t be disappointed in a single one! 

…green micro glitters with gold and red accents in a clear base.

I tend to neglect my greens so when I actually use the color I am always surprised at how much I love the color, this is no exception. It is defiantly a versatile color as well, it would be great for holidays like Christmas and St. Patrick’s day as all spring. This is one of my favorites and my husband loves it as well. Green is his favorite color and he is a huge fan of the smaller glitters, so Allison earned his approval with this one! 

…sapphire blue micro glitters with red and disco blue accents in a clear base.

It’s funny how when I am photographing purple polishes they always want to appear blue and when photographing blue ones they want to look more purple! Such is life. This is a bit more blue in person than these photos make them look, but the shade is rich and deep so it does take on a more blurple shade. I had an extremely hard time trying to capture the sparkle of the blue disco glitters which is why I I'm glad the photo below is a bit blurred I hope it will help show you some of that sparkle. These are the same gorgeous blue glitters that are in Vincent Price is Right from the Howl and the Anti Cries collection that was released before Halloween. If you liked them in that you will love them in this. They aren't as pronounced as they are in VPiR but they are more visible than they appear in these photos. 

Tiger‘s Friend…
…light brown micro glitters with pink and dark plum accents in a clear base.

Tiger’s Friend makes me think of cookies! I’m a fat girl, I think of food when I see certain colors, I will not apologize! Lol  I really like this color combo and I think since it’s a nice light shade of brown that it would look excellent with any shade of skin. I know a lot of people can be afraid of using brown shades because they don’t think it will look nice on them bit this is a perfect color.

You can purchase  A Parliament of Magpies online at They retail for $9 per full size bottle and all orders over $45 will ship free within the US and Canada! As always Allison’s creations are 3Free (except for Glitter-A-Peel), Cruelty Free and thoroughly tested to give you a quality product!

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My top picks of this entire collection are:
Clairvoyant Visitor, Lucky, Magpie’s Treasure and Thieving
Now that I have shown them all to you, which ones are your favorites? 

♥ Gini ♥

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