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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Glam Polish: "Sweet Pea", "Rosetta" & "Glimmer"

Hello my polished pretties! I don’t usually post on Sundays but I have fallen behind a tiny bit due to some unforeseen circumstances. Since the holidays are rapidly approaching and I would really like to enjoy a couple of days with my family therefore I am trying to get as many posts ready and scheduled as possible. Today I have a few polishes from the Glam Polish Pixie Hollow collection to show you all., these are newly in stock at Color4Nails along with many many more lovely shades from Glam Polish!

Sweet Pea…
…bright pink with silver chrome shimmer.
All photos of Sweet Pea are shown as 2 coats topped with HK Girl.

I’m going to do this just a little different than I normally do and just jump right into my next color, since these two are very similar, then I'll do a comparison and give you some information on the formulas. 

…magenta with silver chrome shimmer.
All photos of Rosetta are shown as 2 coats topped with HK Girl.

When I received these two polishes I actually thought that maybe there was a mistake and that Sisi accidentally sent 2 of the same polish. I looked at the name labels and they were different so then I thought maybe they were mislabeled. I looked at swatches on IG to see if I was wrong and of course I was. While it is very difficult to see the differences between the two of these pink pretties right away there are some, albeit subtle ones. 

The photo above shows these two in comparison, can you see the difference? No? It’s very hard to capture bright pinks correctly on camera. I was hoping with them side by side I could distinguish the two and here's how I see it: Sweet Pea is more orange based like a true hot pink. Look along the sides of the nails on my pinkie and middle finger and you can see that slight orangish glow where Rosetta does not do that. Rosetta is more of a berry pink so it's just a tiny bit darker than Sweet Pea. 

So while these two colors are very similar they aren’t duplicates. Do you need both? I say that is a personal judgment call. Either way these are both beautiful colors and you can't go wrong with either one. They both have an excellent formula, applying nice and smooth with no flooding, pooling or dragging and they have excellent dry time. 

…multiple sizes of iridescent glitters in a subtle holo base.
All photos of Glimmer are shown as 1 coat over Rosetta topped with HK Girl.

Glimmer is absolutely breathtaking. I have a deep rooted love for iridescent glitters and this is probably the most dazzling one I’ve had the pleasure of using. The holo is subtle but it is there, unfortunately I wasn't able to capture any sunlight photos due the never ending layer of gloom that has been hovering over my area. Boo to cloudy muck! There's a lot of glitter in this sparkly topper, they lay nice and flush on the nail so there's not really a need for anything other than your normal top coat to smooth it out. It has an excellent formula as all Glam Polishes do! This is a Limited Edition so I would suggest that you snag this brilliant beauty up as soon as possible or you may just be kicking yourself later on! 

Glam Polish can be purchased internationally through Color4Nails online at They retail for $12.00 per bottle. Color4Nails offers Free Priority Shipping for all US orders of 6 to 12 items. For US shipments totaling less than 6 items there is a delivery fee of $2.00 for the 1st item; $3.00 for 2 items; $4.00 for 3 to 5 items.  Please see the Shipping & Returns section of Color4Nails website for insurance information and International shipping prices/policies.

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What are your thoughts on the polishes I've shown you today? I will have a couple more Glam Polishes, from the Cast A Spell collection, up before the end of the week if all goes as planned.
 ♥ Gini ♥
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