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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Double Half Moon Nails - Guest Post by Nicole gets Nailed!

I'm still on vacation but today I have a guest post from my polish sister Nicole from Nicole gets Nailed! Nicole and I started out bogging adventures just 4 days apart, we've been kind of inseparable once we discovered one another! I absolutely love Nicole's designs, she is one of the best freehand nail artists I know.   She was my inspiration for starting to venture into freehand nail art and to start joining challenges as well! You really should check out her blog! I think you will enjoy Nicole's post! ♥
Hi all, it's Nicole here from Nicole gets Nailed.  I'm super excited to be here guest posting for my polish sister Gini!  I was trying to remember when I met Gini and thought she had spammed her blog link in the comments of one of my pages, I just had a look and of course she didn't - she's a good blogger!  Anyhoodle, we met almost a year ago, it was the name Sassy Paints which impressed me, but her fabulous nails, swatches and art kept me a regular follower.  Of course, over the year I've gotten to know her and she's also the sweetest, most supportive polish sister I have.  I'm incredibly lucky to be a part of this nail polish blogger community especially with friends like Gini.

Now that I'm done with sucking up (lol), lets get this show on the road.  If you've visited my site before, you know that I'm a HUGE fan of anything neon and bright, so I had to come up with something super uber bright for this guest post!

I was in Walmart recently, and we've finally got some of those polishes all you ladies in the USA talk about - Salon Perfect.  In Canada, we get everything months after all my pals in the south get it - it's silly really, we're like a minute away and we get nothing when it's "in," so I'm always months behind in latest trends.  I've heard that Salon Perfect polishes are dupes of China Glaze with the same formula, similar polish capes and loads of similar shades.  I had a quick google search to find out the deal and apparently Salon Perfect isn't an exact dupe of China Glaze - the formula is missing the China Clay, which is a hardener found in their professional polishes.  You learn something new everyday, hey?  Personally, I don't care either way, it's cheaper, so I'm down for the get down!

I used all my Salon Perfect polishes for this mani, Gone Sailing, Flamingo Flare, Yowza Yellow and Fired up Fuchsia.  When I bought these, I didn't intend to wear them all together, but I'm in love with how they came out - the colors are perfect for each other!  This is my very first double half moon mani using my trusty ring enforcers, and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.  Lately, I've been trying to recycle my manis, thinking of a design that I can add to, to make different the next day.  I wore this one as a plain half moon mani the first day and then added another layer - I swear I'm on to something here, I didn't have to wait for everything to dry, it took way less time to do the second half of this mani - score!

I hope you've enjoyed my take over of Sassy Paints, I know my nails aren't anywhere close to her gorgeous ones, but hey, we can't all be Gini, although I wouldn't mind being her for a day, then I would have access to her polish stash - oooo think of all those indies - maybe a week would be better!!

Holla, N
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