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Monday, May 6, 2013

Nail art with Stamping & Pearls from the Born Pretty Store

Second post of the night!! Whoop whoop! This post ties in with my previous post so I wanted to do them back to back. Anyway, I was doing a little bit of playing around with some stamping this weekend! I will confess, I'm not that great at it. When I first started playing around with nail art I went a little crazy and got a TON of stamping plates thinking it would be easy, man was I wrong! I probably have about 6 different white and black polishes all because I was trying to find the perfect one for stamping and I never did so I gave up. The polish has to be the right consistency for it to really transfer an image if you are a beginner. (I know some girls that are stamping pros and can use any polish and I'm just not one of those girls!) When The Born Pretty Store contacted me and asked if I would like to pick a couple of items to review I was super excited to try out their stamping polishes! I have been told that these special polishes make stamping less of a chore. I have had several girls tell me that stamping is hard for them too, so I was hoping this would be a solution to our stamping blues and I would start using some of these plates!

I chose to get the black and white stamping polish set, they can be purchased as individuals or even in a larger set with several different colors. This duo retails for $3.41 and can be found by clicking this link.

To get this look I started with a base color of Nail Pattern Boldness Elle La Vend Aire, the color is way off since these photos were taken in my light box this polish isn't periwinkle. (See more color accurate photos in the review here.)
Then with stamp plate BM-309 and the white Born Pretty stamping polish I stamped the vines? Ivy? Idk what it is, lol! The stamping was so much easier with the stamping polish than with regular polish. The image transfers over really nicely, with regular polish I usually end up with more of a mess than anything. The trick is to move quickly. Apply the polish to the plate, scrape, press the rubber stamper to the plate, then very quickly press the rubber stamper to the nail in sort of a rolling motion. If you hesitate before applying to the nail it will not transfer fully, if at all. I recommend a few practice tries on a sheet of paper or even an unpainted nail just to get the feel for it.
Next I used a little bit of  Sinful Colors Snow Me White to to the saran wrap marbling and some of Born Pretty Store's Baby Pearls. They are listed as 3 sizes Nail Art Baby Pearl Rhinestones and they come in a wheel (shown below) with a little bottle of glue to attach them to the nail. There are approximately 1200 pieces per wheel with  1.5mm, 3 mm and 4mm pearls with flat backs. This item can be found by clicking this link. They retail for $4.44. 

These pearls were super easy to use, just take a dotting tool with a little bit of clear polish to pick them up and apply them to your nail with either the glue or more clear nail polish. I still have this mani on and after 2 days my pearls are still solidly in place! I did apply a top coat over the pearls to make sure they didn't just pop off!
I used both the pearls and the stamping polish for the mani below as well, but my top coat decided to start being mean and ruined the entire thing by bubbling! Such a shame because I really liked this mani!  I love how the pearls added to my stamped flowers, they can be used in so many ways! Instead of letting this mani go to waste I decided to show you still, just try to imagine it without the massive amount of bubbles. I used Nail Pattern Boldness Un Peu Delicate for the base color and Snowflake Bentley for the glitter on my index, stamp plate was Mash-41.

Again if you would like to try these items from Born Pretty Store out you can find them directly at these links:
Stamping polish duo (black & white) $3.41
Baby Pearl Rhinestones w/glue $4.44

Also make sure to use the code JC5X31 for 10% off of your purchases at Born Pretty Store!

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