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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Polish TBH "Chrissy's Always Late" & "Brandy's Mermaid Mixer"

Hi all! How was everyone's week? Any good plans for the weekend? I am going to be getting ready for vacation! Hubby and I are going to Louisiana next week, and I hope I will get to meet some of the guys from Duck Dynasty! I'd love that! :) I've been trying to get all of my review polishes done before I leave so I can finally get the renovations finished here at my house when I get back. Polish TBH has been in my "need to swatch" box for a couple weeks now and I have been dying to get to them!! I looooooove all of Christian's beauties and these 2 are no exception! 

Chrissy's Always Late...
...white crelly is full with yellow, blue, pink, turquoise and purple glitters.
All photos of Chrissy's Always Late are shown as 3 coats topped with Diamond Flash. 

I really love white crelly polishes! I think my favorite part of this one is the little yellow glitters! The formula is excellent, no fishing for larger glitters and they applied nice and even on the nail. I only wish I had used some Glitter Food to smooth it out before I applied my top coat. I thought since the glitters lay pretty flat it wouldn't be needed but as you can see from the pictures I should have used it. Some GF would have helped me smooth out my tips you can see the middle finger looks a little wonky on the tip, the nails have gotten a little too long I think. LOL 

Brandy's Mermaid Mixer...
...Nude crelly packed with green, turquoise, gold, silver, red and purple glitters with red color shifting flakies.
All photos of Brandy's Mermaid Mixer are shown as 3 coats topped with 1 coat of NPB Glitter Food and 1 coat of SH Diamond Flash

Christian really nailed this one! This is a perfect nude, It has more of a pink base to it vs some nudes I have tried which were more yellow or white making them too pale, this nude could very well be universal. Even if it is too pale or too dark it would still look good because of the pink in it. The flakies in this are amazing and really like to come out and play! Application was excellent, some of the larger square glitters did stick together a little though so be careful of those.I love this polish, it is too gorgeous! 

You can purchase Polish TBH on Etsy here. Full sizes retail for $8-$12 and minis for $3-$5. 
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Well girls and boys, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! I have some really awesome bloggers who are going to be doing Guest Posts while I am on vacation next week!  Theses ladies are amazing and have all inspired me as a blogger in some way shape or form so make sure to check in and show them some love!! 
♥ Gini ♥

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