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Monday, May 6, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness "Elle La Vend Aire" & "Un Peu Delicate"

Hi everyone! Tonight I have a couple of new polishes from Nail Pattern Boldness to show you. These beauties are Allison's first solid colors, no glitter here! Both of them would be excellent worn on their own (as I am going to show you in this review) or as undies for glitters or a base color for nail art! I really hope to see more solid colors from NPB  because I love these! 

Un Peu Delicate...
... a dusty teal creme.
All photos of Un Peu Delicate are shown as 3 coats topped with OPI Start to Finish.

Un Peu Delicate is a little fussy but the gorgeous color is well worth the patience. I recommend that you use fairly thick coats to avoid having to overwork the polish, which will cause bald spots. Thicker coats will also ensure that you don't push the brush too hard against the nail, this can also cause balding. UPD can be a bit streaky and dries a bit matte but with the application of your top coat it will level out and become super shiny! Dry time, even with the thicker coats, was excellent. 

Elle La Vend Aire...
...a dusty lavendar jelly-ish creme.
All photos of Elle La Vend Aire are shown as 4 coats topped with OPI Start to Finish.

Elle La Vend Aire is definitely  more jellylike compared to UPD . On the first coat it is very sheer but it builds well, 3 coat should be sufficient with nails shorter than mine, I used 4 just to make sure there was no VNL. It was not overly thick with that many coats so dry time was excellent and it seemed to be very self leveling. The color was almost impossible to capture correctly in my light box and it has been really ugly and gray here so these pictures were the best I could do to get the most color accurate pictures of this color, they kept coming out Periwinkle in the lightbox and this is definitely NOT periwinkle. 

I have some nail art using these 2 colors being posted right after this, I just didn't want to do 2 reviews for 2 different products in 1 post. So make sure you check that post out, see how these make a great canvas for some art! (Check out that nail art here.)

You can purchase Nail Pattern Boldness on Etsy.  For you international gals it can also be found on Llarowe , both are priced at $9 US.

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