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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

H is for Hard Candy

Welcome to the H day of Kimber's ABC Challenge! I know, another late post today! What's new, right? I had a completely different mani planned out for this day of the challenge, but since I had planned on doing some cool stuff with my Color Club Holo Hues it just wasn't going to happen. I woke up to snow and not a ray of sunshine! Boo! Mother Nature must have missed the memo that I'm ready for spring! Anyhow, since there was no sun I opted for using 2 of the only 3 Hard Candy polishes I own. I had been looking for Hard Candy polishes for what seems to be an eternity. The Walmart by me got rid of the display for the polishes so When I go to a different Walmart, which isn't often, I looked for Beetle like crazy! When I was in Indiana back in January I found the last bottle of Beetle
All photos of Beetle are shown as 3 coats.

Beetle Water Swatch

Can you see why it's called Beetle? Gorgeous and totally worth the wait! 

Beetle Water Swatch

Beetle Light Box
 It took 3 coats of Beetle  for full coverage but it's pretty thin so 3 coats don't make it too thick.
As you can see the multichrome is visible without the water shots but it was much more evident picture wise that way. 
Beetle Light Box
 I decided to add a little bling to Beetle by topping it off with another Hard Candy polish. This one has no name so I call Gold Glitter! Very original isn't it? LOL This one traveled to me all the way from Canada! Thanks Nicole! 

There you go, my H mani. Not what was planned but still a rainbow of goodness either way! 
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♥ Gini ♥

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