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Friday, October 19, 2012

100 Facebook Likes Giveaway Winners Announced!!!

Hi ladies! I want to start by saying thank you to all of the new followers! I have gotten so much feedback on what you all like and don't like and I have taken it all into consideration. As you can see I have started to clean up my side bars and will have the blog under construction to try and make it a little better. I will try to eventually incorporate the things you all have asked for, like the blog layout changes to nail art tutorials and storage solutions. So I hope you all continue to follow my sassy chronicles!
Now for the winners...
Diana from The Polish Hoochie
Lisa from LOZLOSA
Congratulations ladies!
The winners have been emailed and have 24 hours to claim their prizes or I will have to pick new winners. =(
a Rafflecopter giveaway
While there are only 2 winners I really do wish I could give a prize to everyone! If you aren't the winner this time don't give up, I have another giveaway going on!

Just click the picture to enter! This giveaway ends at 12:01 EST on 10/27/12
Good Luck Ladies!

P.S  Etsy is giving away 10 $100 gift cards Enter Here!!!!
Go ahead and click the link to enter! Do you realise how much polish that could buy!?!?!?!?!


  1. Yay!!! Liz won! That is awesome!!!

    P.S. Not ignoring you on twitter. Dex is sick. Poor little guy. I tend to freak out when one of my kiddos gets sick.

    1. Awwww, poor baby! I can totally understand, I'd freak out if I was a mom too! =( I hope he feels better, you guys get plenty of rest.

  2. Thanks again, Gini! I'm tickled to pieces!!!!


    1. :) I'm so excited for you! I never knew giving away polish gave you a high too!!! LOL It's just so fun to share some of my favorite thing with you! Ninja vs Pirate was the first Indie I tried and It's still one of my absolute favorites!

  3. OMG. I can't believe I won! I am so exci... Oh wait. Nevermind :(

    hahaha... i realize we have similar blog design. Its ok I like to match... I am going to change mine up a bit also :)

    Where are your Mummy Nails!?! I am waiting for you to post, so you can treat my life ;)


    1. Hahahahahahahahaha! You are such a joker!
      I need to look at something other than this pepto pink, but i'm so damn picky. LOL
      The Nail-aween challenge is pretty much a loss at this point since I only did the 1st day. But between making a butt load of tamales on my free weekend and family obligations i just haven't had time. Plus now I have a big review I have to swatch for and a very good possibility that I will have another big one and they'll both need to be done right about the same time. But I promise the Indie goodness will make up for the lack of nail-aween posts!


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