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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

L is For Louboutin

Purchased By Me
*nothing to disclose

It's Wednesday and you know what that means!! Another ABC Challenge post! Today is the letter L. When this challenge started, I had made out a list for what I wanted to do for each letter. Well I should say I TRIED to make a list, most of my letters have me at a loss, but L was one I knew right away! I have a slight obsession with shoes, not collecting them or wearing them, just looking at them! I use to be a big shoe freak, back in my club hopping days I could rock the highest heals in the worst conditions, rain, sleet, snow, thick sheets of ice, crazy mangled streets, you name it I could do it! (If any of you know what it's like to party on the Landing in Downtown St. Louis you know that even some of the most experienced heel wearing gals have trouble on those crazy cobblestone streets, but I was like a cat!) Then I started working longer hours at the hospital, wearing nothing but tennis shoes and flip flops and partying less. Eventually the deadened nerves in my well trained feet started to regenerate and heels quickly became a thing of the past. Now I just drool over all of the super sexy sky high beauties.Wishing I could manage to pull them off again without the period of torture it takes to grow accustom to them. So my inspiration for this weeks letter, as I'm sure you have guessed by now, is shoes. And not just any shoes but Christian Louboutin's! Über expensive and equally as amazing, known for having some super classy and also super blingie looks and always with the red soles. I only wish I had owned a pair in my crazy heel wearing days. Since I never did, I'll settle for making my stilettos into Louboutin's instead! 
My inspiration

So this wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be. I kept thinking it would be extremely messy but it wasn't too bad. taking it off isn't proving to be fun, but I guess that's to be expected. I tried doing the Elmer's method but it's really stuck so the foil method it is, just to avoid digging underneath; I'm terrified I'll break a nail if I do it manually. LOL  So this is my L mani! Now I will get to see all the mean comments people have for the pictures I'll post on all my social media sites! People really seem to HATE stilettos and this is just going to drive all the haters ape shit! LOL

Now go check out what all the other polished pretties have come up with this week!! 
♥ Gini ♥

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