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Thursday, March 21, 2013

ABC Challenge: K is for Kids Choice!

Welcome to another day in Kimber's ABC Challenge. The letter K had me a little stumped, I wanted to do some art but I had no idea what to do that would start with the letter K. So I left it up to my niece and nephew, making this a Kid's Choice mani. They picked red so to take the Kid's Choice theme a little further I let one of the kiddos actually do my mani from start to finish! Yes I cheated. I did not create this mani. They are my nails though so it still counts, right? Please be nice to the art work, my 9 year old niece did an excellent job creating her version of ladybugs on my nails! 
*I want to note that the products we used in this mani were provided to me from M•A•S•H Nails for review. I will have an actual full review on the color soon, the Nail Art Pen I reviewed previously in a post that can be found here. Ok now the art...

She even did the clean up too! She's a natural!! 

Nani started off with 2 coats of M•A•S•H Nails Cherry.

Then she used the M•A•S•H Black Nail Art Pen to create the ladybug effect! 

I think for her very first time doing nail art she did an amazing job!! Sorry for the glare on the photos but I had my light box put away so I used direct light from my lamps. 
So was this a big stretch for the letter K? Yeah, but I liked the concept behind it and it was really fun explaining to my niece how to paint nails the correct way and why clean up is important. I hope we can have more nail days like this! I really enjoyed sharing this with her! 
Make sure to check out what the other ladies have done for the letter K! 

♥ Gini ♥

(Product was provided by M•A•S•H Nails.)

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