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Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Fuggen Ugly!!!

Happy Nail Mail Friday!
Ok, so some of you may not have gotten nail mail today but I did and here's my haul!

ManGlaze Matte Is Murder & Fuggen Ugly
Maisie Shine Fairy Floss
Nail Pattern Boldness I Believe I Can Fly & Seppuku (With A Frisbee)

Today's mani will feature Fuggen Ugly accompanied by Sinful Colors Innocent

I applied 2 coats of Fuggen Ugly (a subtlety shimmery gray matte) and Innocent on my ring finger for an accent (a cream polish who's color can only be described by me as a limey puke green, LOL).
Unfortunately, in my haste, I forgot to photograph it before I added my leopard  print. Oops!

(Soft light indoor)

I used the Fuggen Ugly to outline SC Snow Me White Spots I applied with a dotting tool.

I topped the accent finger with NYC Matte Me Crazy to blend it with the rest of the mani.
Then I used my Silver Glitter Kiss Nail Art Polish to give it just a tiny pit of sparkle.

(Flash indoor)

I love how the Innocent matches the  color on the bottle art!

The flash really shows the sparkle in the Fuggen Ugly. It's an awesome matte polish.
It applies super easy and dries fast.

I orderd the ManGlaze polishes because they were on sale on Amazon for $6.66, which is aaaaaamazing because they are normally about $13. I figured I would try out the lower priced ones before committing to a $13+ price tag for the other colors in the collection. I am very happy with the product and will order more as soon as my funds allow. If you're interested in buying some ManGlaze polishes go to their website where they have a coupon code to save 10% on your purchases while they renovate their website!
(Warning to those who are offended easily, this line of polish and the website is not for you.)
I can't wait to get some more of these polishes.
Does anyone else own any of the ManGlaze polishes? Which are your favorite or least favorite?
I'd love to hear some feedback.

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