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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ozotic 533 - Essie No Place Like Chrome

I received my first holo from my new blogger buddy over at OhThreeOhFour, and I have to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
This is also my first Essie too! I was so excited to have them I needed to use them both at once!
So without further ado, on to the post!
Warning: This post is going to be picture heavy. Sorry.

I started off on top of my base coat with 2 coats of Ozotic 533

It was sooooooo hard to capture the range of colors in this polish.

Then with Essie No Place Like Chrome I stamped with my Mash-47 plate

I love Essie's formula!

Too bad I'm still working on my stamping skills!

The good thing is I wanted to get more of that holo effect so I added 2 more coats on top.
It helped me make up for my crappy stamping job! Sort of a holo sandwich. LOL
Unfortunately it was a very overcast day so pictures were hard.

Indoor window light is the closest thing I have next to sunlight.

Yes, I know I need to build a lightbox!

And a few flash pictures.

One drawback to the Ozotic is the dry time. It was taking forever to dry so I did a holo no no and applied a coat of SV. I don't think it really had too much of an effect on the look though.

What's your favorite holo polish?

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