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Friday, August 17, 2012

Leo The Rare & Radient

Happy Friday everyone! Today is my birthday, so I had to do a special mani for it!
When my nephew was visiting a couple weeks ago he picked out China Glaze Rare & Radiant. It's been said that it's a dupe for Chanel Peridot which I would love to get but refuse to pay $$. Anyhow, since Peridot is August's birthstone I knew when little man picked it I was going to save it for my birthday mani!
(I made a lightbox last night. I may need to add another lamp, but I'm not sure. You be the judge)

I  did 2 coats of  R&R and it was completely opaque.
(These 2 pic were not taken in the light box obviously)

I love the change of color, In the bottle it shifts green, gold, blue. But I had a very hard time trying to capture the blue shift because it wasn't as predominant once applied.

I had to make a lion! It wouldn't be a proper Leo mani without it!

Then I stamped the Leo Zodiac Sign with Mash-34

I added some dots and a clear rhinestone to each.

To finish I topped them all off with SV.

I know this post wasn't very detailed today but I haven't been to bed yet and I need to catch a couple hours of sleep today.

Anyway, that's the birthday mani.
What do you guys think of the pictures? Better with the light box?  No?
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