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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Try It On Tuesday: Essie Wrapped In Rubies & Sally Hansen Copper Penny

Welcome to another TIOT! Today I am, again, swatching 2 untrieds. Hopefully I can knock out most of my untrieds by the end of the year if I pair them up like this and also if I swatch them in collections as well! 

 My hubs purchased both of these recently, he's worse than me when it comes to buying polish. I never pay full price for a drugstore polish and he's a big sucker for the " LE" signs so he snags them so I don't miss out! 
Last night he came home from CVS with Essie Wrapped In Rubies.

All photos of Wrapped In Rubies are shown as 2 coats no top coat. 

This color is more brown than I was hoping it would be. Yes it's a red but more like a rusty red. It really covered completely in 1 coat, the second was just to cover the spots I usually miss on the tips. I was impressed with the formula of this one. It wasn't a pain to apply like a lot of Essie's are. 

Copper Penny is one of the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure's. Hubby picked this one up a few weeks ago when I was sick to try and make me feel better! LOL

All photos of Copper Penny are shown as 1 coat topped with 1 coat of Mega Shine.

There is so much glitter in this bottle, I love it! Paired with Wrapped In Rubies I love it even more. Unfortunately the beauty isn't well captured in my photos. I had so much glare from the lights that I cant show you the contrast in the colors. They don't blend together as much as it appears here, the red really pops underneath the copper sparkle.

Well...after today's TIOT that's 4 down and 56,544,687,946,54,168,798 to go! (No not really, but it seems like it! LOL) Come back tomorrow, I will have some non-glitter Indie Polishes for reveiw from 
Miss March Couture! 

♥ Gini ♥
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