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Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 Challenges 1 Post, Cheater, Cheater, Orange Eater!

Well hello all! I decided, after much debate, to do just one post for both of the challenges that I have homework due for today...My Favorite Food for the My Favorite Things Challenge by Ooh La La Polish and the Color Orange for the 31 Day Challenge by Kimber's Lacquer Korner. I was going to go with Sushi but lets face it I just didn't feel up to drawing/painting all those little rolls and sashimi pieces...I know, I suck! So I went with one of my favorite fruits. I know I went easy, but who really doesn't like oranges???? They ARE amazing! Hello!
For this post I used an array of orange hues.
D&R Apothecary Clownin Around
and Sinful Colors Pull Over, Clementine and Citrine.

I started off with 2 coats of Pull Over. (Don't mind the oops on my middle finger, it disappears once I get to the next step) Now I am fairly sure this color is a dupe for China Glaze Sun Worshiper which I used fairly recently. I may need to do a comparison post soon because application was completely different on these 2 brands. Anyway...

I decided on a sponged gradient look. Don't mind my polish encrusted water glass there, I use it for my water marbling and for sponging so it gets a bit  gookie.

See, no more oops on my middle finger! =)

This was 2 sponged applications. ^^^

I then used Sinful Colors Snow Me White with BM-308 to stamp on my oranges.
I had a horrible stamping night with this look. It took me like a million and one tries before I finally just said foooook it and just left them all jacked up! I was fed up, I don't care!

And applied a coat of D&R Apothecary Clownin Around.
I have used a few of D&R's polishes now and this one is probably my least favorite. It has a nice shimmery orange base and a TON of multi colored, sized and shaped glitters but it was almost impossible to get the glitter out of the bottle. No matter how hard and how long I shook it they mostly stuck to the side and bottom of the bottle.

So here is my orange orange challenge mani....thank god this one was finished!

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