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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Favorite Things Challenge Day 1

Gooooooooood morning polish junkies!!! How is everyone this glorious day?  I hope well. 
Today I will be starting the My Favorite Things Challenge that is being hosted by the lovely
Kelly at Ooh La La Polish. My challenge buddy Nicole from Nicole Gets Nailed brought this great challenge to my attention. Thank you ladies very much!

Now on to the challenge.

This should be an interesting challenge! I'm so excited about  doing it, hopefully it will spark my creativity  back up.

Day 1. Favorite color!

This was a difficult decision for me. I Love PINK....I Love Purple. I was torn. So I used them both.

I decided to use 2 brand new polishes from the set my hubby got for me for my birthday, which is tomorrow. (My birthday is like a week long event and I've been getting presents every day this week. Yay me! LOL) He ordered me the matte•n•a collection by Max Makeup Cherimoya.

I used Mystery (purple) and Fairytale (pink)

Now I've only ever seen these polishes on Amazon, so I'm not sure of the popularity.
Mystery was very opaque and only required 1 coat.
Fairytale needed 3 but I still had VNL.

Mystery is a beautiful color, but once I used it on a couple of nails it started to get clumpy. :(
So doing the lines on this was a nightmare! Hence the crappy job. Oh well...I just added a little bit of Kiss Purple Glitter to even it out a bit.

I don't know how often I will use these polishes because they STINK. Literally, they smell so bad it burned my nose! 16 of them came in the set, which I will post about soon.
Either way, they served their purpose for today's mani.
Not my favorite work but again I loved the colors so I guess its a fair trade.

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