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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nail Mail!!!! (Picture Heavy)

I've been stalking the mailbox for a little while now waiting on  four packages.
Of course the two that I expected to arrive last show up first! My Nail Pattern Boldness
and Rainbow Honey both came today! These babies were all added to my collection by my fantastical husband for my birthday! So a big THANKS YOU to my Bubba!
 So now, of course, on to pictures!

I've been stalking Allison from NPB for a couple months now to get my painted claws on Flipping Out Hard! I can not wait to try it out! NPB was my first Indie brand I have purchased. I absolutely love all of them I've bought so far. Too bad for me my bank account won't allow me to get all of them right now, some day though! Go check out her Etsy shop here!

I plan on having a giveaway just as soon as I figure out what the
prizes will be get and I get them all  together.

However, as of right now I can say that
Flipping Out Hard is going to be one of the prizes!

These are my first Rainbow Honey's. I wanted to buy both of the collections in their entirety but to be realistic I  decided on A Little Kindness and Sakura Matsuri . Since I first laid eyes on them I wanted them, I had to have them and now they are MINE!

Sorry about all the pictures, I just Loooooooove the packaging!

Ok I'm done now! Hopefully the other 2 packages full of beauties will show up tomorrow!
 I'm starting to get worried!!! LOL
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