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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Freak Show Polish "Sword Swallower" *New Indie Review*

Happy Humpday ladies! It's gross and gray here, the rain has stopped and I'm praying to the baseball Gods that it stays away for the next few days so the Cards can finish this up and move on to the World Series! Ok enough about my baseball wishes and on to the reason you all are here...POLISH! 
Freak Show Polish to be more specific.

I warn you now this is a bit picture heavy and lengthy. 
Freak Show Polish is created by Carissa she describes her line as being inspired by the experience and vibrant performers of a freak show, her brand is sure to bring out the entertainer in you! All of her polishes are 3-free (Dibutyl Pthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toulene).
Sword Swallower is a top coat glitter bomb. It's full of silver, gray and holo hex and bar glitters. 

Look at that pretty bottle! I just knew once I saw it you guys would go crazy for it!

The following pictures are 3 gradient coats of Sword Swallower over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Calypso Blue and 2 full coats on my middle with out undies to show off the holos.

Notice all of the holo hexes? There are a ton!! 

I noticed no settling of the glitters, I had these for about a week and really didn't need to shake them, suspension is superb! Application, as with most glitter bombs, is dab for the first coat and apply like normal on the second. There was no fishing, or dragging and dry time was great. The only issue I had was that after a bit of use it seemed to thicken just a bit, but I added a few drops of  thinner and it was fine. Don't let thickening of any polish discourage you from making a purchase, this seems to be just the way it is with good glitter bombs. They require a thicker base to make sure the glitters stay suspended, other wise you end up with sinking glitters and fishing which is a huge pain in the you know what!

I can't tell you  how beautiful the shimmer is in this, I can barely even show you. I had a bit of a hard time trying to capture what I am seeing in real life so I took a picture without my lightbox to try and show how well the glitters show up and cover. Since the holos blend with the base color at certain angles in the light, it looks sparse in these pictures but it really has great coverage.

I hope that pic kind of gives you the idea of how much coverage you actually get with this.

And now, just for fun, I decided to see how this glitter would look in a Jelly Sammich! 
Please please please don't judge my nubbin middle finger. (<---Kimber, LOL) I don't usually post pictures of a mani with uneven lengths, since it's one of my biggest pet peeves, but like I said I was just fooling around with this on my recovering left hand and loooooved the results of this so I had to share.

This shows 2 light coats of Sword Swallower being sandwiched by Sally Hansen Polar Bear.

I really love how the holo shows through that top layer of Polar Bear.

What do yo think about the Jelly Sandwich with this glitter? I personally love it! I think even more than the original mani for this post.

Freak Show Polish is available on Big Cartel here!
Carissa has Sword Swallower  available in a full sized bottles for $9 and minis for $4.50 along with other top coats from this collection.

You can also like Freak Show Polish on Facebook here! Carissa does shop updates and sneak peaks of her  new goodies on there.

Make sure you check back in tomorrow for the second Freak Show Polish I have to show you! 

*This item was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own and were not influenced by Freak Show Polish in any way*


  1. Never heard of this indie brand before! I really like the jelly sandwich with the glitter. It looks like cookies and creams!


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