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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stop the hate!!

When I started blogging I had square nails. I've always had squares for as long as I can remember. I never gave any other shape a second thought. When I did finally open my eyes to other nail shapes, I still maintained squares were my perfect shape. I even remember having a discussion that I would never be able to wear stiletto nails. Then I came across a very lovely set of stiletto nails. These nails were so amazing that I started wishing I had the balls to pull them off! These nails belonged to a lovely and super sweet young woman by the name of Diana from NailsByDiana. So I eventually decided to bite the bullet and take that plunge. It took me a while to adjust to my new shape of course but I am so glad I made the decision I did. 

Unfortunately some people out there seem to think that the shape of my nails is a big of enough problem to say some extremely rude things. I have never been attacked so much over anything in my entire life! I have had to block people who have repeatedly made rude and hurtful comments on several social media sites. All the while holding my tongue. I kept thinking I needed to just suck it up, I've put myself in the public eye, so to speak, therefore I need to develop a thicker skin. Just let the stupidity roll off and move on. I have tried to do so with as much dignity as I could but I have reached my breaking point!

A photo of mine was shared on a popular social media page this evening and there were a couple of comments made and I felt the need to respond:

-"I just can't get past that nail shape"

-"Oh no those nails [are] awful! She needs a new shape badly!"

Now these are tame compared to some of the things I have been told. So here is what I have to say on response to all of the people who seem to have such a hatred for my personal choice to have stiletto nails.

I think you need to be more open minded. It is my decision to have them, they are on my hand,  you don't have to like it! My nails are always well manicured. My nail shape may not be for you, but does that give you the right to attack me? If there were comments being made about someones lack of clean-up or poor cuticle care everyone would be in a huge uproar (again) yet it's perfectly fine for someone to tell me my nail shape is "AWFUL"?  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you need to remember that there is a real flesh and blood person attached to these nails. A person who, up until now, has been extremely nice about this whole thing. If it's something that you wouldn't want to have said to you or someone you care about then maybe you shouldn't say it to anyone! We are all different in some way shape or form. Lets accept people for their differences be it race, religion, the way we dress, walk, talk or even our personal preferences of nail shape. Please stop the stiletto hate! I am nice to you, be nice to me. Attack me and I will attack back! No more Mrs. Nice Nails!!! 

I'm finished ranting now. To all of my loyal followers/supporters, I love you guys! Thanks for always being so awesome! 
♥ Gini ♥
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