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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wing Dust Collections "I Am Yours & You Are Mine" & "Space Cadet"

Sorry for the late post! I just wasn't feeling very well today. :( As you know, since I've been complaining about it so much, the weather has been less than perfect around here. I have a lot of holo polishes I have needed to swatch but the sun has been scarce. Well I woke up yesterday and I was very surprised by the sun! WOW! It's not a myth! So I hurried and swatched these 2 beauties from Wing Dust while I had the chance! 

I Am Yours & You Are Mine...
...a deep red jelly loaded with yellow, brown, purple mini glitters and scattered holo. 
All photos of I Am Yours & You Are Mine are shown as 3 coats topped with Mega Shine

This polish is so much more gorgeous IRL. The color is much darker than shown here, more red than pink. The holo is stronger as well, not immense but there, it was just being shy for the camera. I am so in love with how squishy this is!! Application was a breeze, no flooding, pooling, dragging or balding. Seriously, the formula is pure perfection! (Of course it is, it's a Wing Dust!) You will need a top coat to really get the holo in this to come out and play, plus it dries slightly textured (nothing major though) so it makes it nice and smooth with one as well.

Space Cadet...
...a black jelly loaded with holo and iridescent sparkles and glitters and a soft lilac shimmer.
All photos of Space Cadet are shown as 3 coats topped with Mega Shine.

THIS POLISH IS STUNNING! That is all! Just kidding! LOL Seriously though, its so amazing! All of the holo, with holo glitters in this squishy black base! What's not to love? The formula is, again, spectacular! There wasn't a single issue with it, application, coverage, dry time, glittery goodness, all of it is perfection. Again the top coat really makes the holo play nice in this and makes it super smooth and shiny! 

Wing Dust Collections can be purchased on Etsy by clicking here. Full size bottles retail for anywhere from $8 to $12. Don't forget to use the code Sassy15 at checkout for your 15% off!!!  These polishes currently aren't in stock but  you can follow Wing Dust on the following social media sites and get more info on restocks...


  1. *sighs* Just spectacular! These make me want to pull out my wingdusts and get swatching! But alas, I have to get through a re-swatch first.


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