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Monday, April 22, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness: Inner Beauty Is For Amateurs

Good morning, how was everyone's weekend? Mine was boring and kinda cranky. I've really been in a sour poor, poor hubby. LOL Anyway, today I have an absolutely gorgeous polish from Nail Pattern Boldness to show you. 

Inner Beauty Is For Amateurs...
...a red jelly base with iridescent and "glowy" blue glitters.
All photos of Inner Beauty is shown as 3 coats topped with Mega Shine.
(Please excuse my corpse like fingers in some of these pictures, I have a hard time getting the color of the polish and the color of my skin right when working with reds. The polish is pretty color accurate, my hands not so much! LOL)

O-M-G! This is probably the most SEXY polish I have ever had on my talons! This is such a fierce fiery red! The glitters with their glow are fricking amazing! Not only is there a blue glow but there is also an orange glow and a rainbow sparkle as well! On top of it all it's soooo squishy!! I wore this out to the Cardinals game last week and I had a hard time watching the game because I wanted to keep looking at my nails! Lol! Like all Nail Pattern Boldness polishes, the formula was pure perfection! It applied like a dream, no flooding, pooling, dragging or thickening during application. I used 3 coats because my nails are quite long and wanted to ensure there was no VNL, but 2 coats for short to medium length nails should be sufficient. I can't say it enough, this polish is amazeballs, it's 100x's more sexy in person! 

Look at those glitters GLOW!! OMG I DIE!!! LOL

You can purchase Nail Pattern Boldness on Etsy.  For you international gals it can also be found on Llarowe , both are priced at $9 US.

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