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Monday, April 15, 2013

XOXO Nails: Goodie Two Shoes, Coffee Date & Birthday Suit

Tonight I have the remainder of The Naked Truth collection from XOXO Nails, if you happened to have missed the first 2 from that collection you can see them buy clicking this link.

Goodie Two Shoes...
...a nude base with pastel hex and square glitters in several sizes. 
All photos of Goodie Two Shoes are shown as 4 coats topped with 1 coat of Mega Shine.

As you can see I should have used some Glitter Food to smooth the finish out, but the glitters were laying so nicely against the nail I assumed it wouldn't be needed, but I think it would look much nicer with some GF. (see Birthday Suit below to compare) The formula is pretty thin and kind of streaky. It never really leveled out either, even after 4 coats, there were some streaky spots that were much more visible IRL than they are in the photos. The glitters came out of the bottle without issue and really stuck once they were on the nail. 

Coffee Date..
...a nude base with small and extra small brown hex glitters.
All photos are shown as 4 coats topped with 1 coat NYC Matte Me Crazy.

Coffee Date is my favorite of these three, probably of the whole collection as well. I think the brown glitters make it appear a bit more beige than the others which, against my darker skin, appear to be more of a porcelain nude IMO. Again the formula was on the thin side and required 4 coats for full opacity, witch wasn't really an issue of thickness with the final result. This one leveled out nicer than with Goodie Two Shoes,  finishing without streaks.  There is a ton of glitter in this too, no fishing required! 

Birthday Suit...
...a nude base with multiple colors and sizes of hex glitters.
All photos of Birthday Suit are shown as 4 coats topped with 1 coat of Glitter Food and 1 coat Mega Shine.

As you can see the use of Glitter Food really makes a difference in the finish. I'm thinking it also makes a difference in the leveling of the polish, since the only one that was streaky was the one that didn't have a thicker top coat on it. I love the bright colored glitters in this one making it a fun nude, hence the name Birthday Suit!  Again, this one like most of the others in the collection, seem to be more of a porcelain nude and too fair for my skin tone, but it is still lovely! 

XOXO Nails nail lacquer can be purchased on Etsy here. Full size bottles retail for $11 and minis for $5.
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