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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TIOT: NerdLacquer "Cyance Friction"

Purchased By Me

Welcome to another week of Try It On Tuesday! As I said last week I would be doing blue each Tuesday of April for Autism Awareness! I am not claiming to be super educated on this subject nor am I personally effected by it, however I feel the need to show my support for those who deal with Autism every day, like my friend and fellow blogger Kimber. If you haven't read the story that Kimber shared with the world I recommend you do, Kalli's story (Kimber's daughter) is a heartbreaking and inspiring one. 

For today's TIOT I am using a polish I just recently obtained, after about a year of pining and drooling! NerdLacquer seems to be one of those brands that are virtually impossible for some to obtain. When Amanda from NL first announced she would be opening up shop once again the nail world was all a twitter. I set my alarm for the "Grand Re-Opening", I was ready. When she opened up shop, I had several polishes in my card then all of a sudden the worst happened! CART JACKED! In the 2 seconds it took to put it in the cart it was gone just as fast. Needless to say I was pretty upset. I get that some brands are crazy popular, I have sat through some crazy restocks, but there needs to be a hold on carts for these brands. (At least a 5 minute one for crying out loud!) Anyway, the next chance I had to grab some NL was through Ninja Polish. That proved to be another crazy restock, but NP has CART HOLDS! Yay! So to make a long story short, I managed to grab 1 NL and it was my biggest lemming! Thank you polish gods! 

Cyance Friction...
...a cyan-teal with pink shimmer and turquoise and copper glitters.
All photos of Cyance Friction are shown as 3 coats topped with Mega Shine.

It was so worth the wait and fight! The formula is absolute perfection. It was opaque in 2 coats but I used 3 to really achieve that beautiful deep aqua color. There was no dragging or flooding. The glitters came out easily, so there was no fishing. I'm really in love with this bottle of polish! I may have to suffer though another Ninja Polish restock to add some more to my collection. I say Ninja Polish because I don't think buying direct from Nerd is an option for me until she has cart holds. It's just not worth my time. Ninja had it's issues but patience and persistence paid off, while with Nerd I was on the sight for about a minute and a half and everything was gone. 

Well that's my TIOT for Autism Awareness. If you are interested in purchasing this polish you can find it on and you can get more info on restocks and new shades from Amanda by visiting NerdLacquer on Google+ .  
You can also purchase NL on Ninja Polish and follow on these social media sights:

I am off now to try and get a review post ready for later on, in addition to my ABC Challenge post for tomorrow, YES I already have it done! A miracle right? LOL
♥ Gini ♥

Purchased By Me


  1. Oh my gosh, it's every bit as amazing as I pictured!!

  2. Yep, amazing stuff. Nerd Lacquer is legendary in my house.

  3. ooh, that is gorgeous. I have a couple of Nerd lemmings and this is one of them - your post hasn't helped squash it, lol!


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