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Monday, March 25, 2013

XOXO Nails: He's Just Not Into You & Dottie

I know many of you have seen  or heard about the new FTC Guidelines that have had bloggers changing their formats, if not you can find the guidelines by looking them up on google. I have always disclosed if a product was provided to me but I'm guessing it wasn't black and white enough so I have updated my "Disclosure Tab" and will be linking it in each post. After hours of struggle, and a long string of obscenities that made my husband retreat in fear, I have decided not to do the "disclosure buttons" that many bloggers are including on their pages. I will admit that am in no way a computer nerd but I am usually capable of doing some small/simple things when it comes to my blog,  apparently this task was just beyond my realm. Therefore in the interest of preserving my sanity and my marriage I have opted to just use a basic link. So, again, at the top and bottom of my posts there will be a link to my disclosure page...Press Sample, Purchased By Me, Sponsored Post and /or Affiliate Post. 
Also while I'm on the subject of links, I don't know if any of my regular readers have noticed, but I have been linking previous posts, collections, labels, etc., in my posts. So if you see a a group of words that are a different color, click it! It will direct you to posts you may have missed in the past! 

Ok! Now that that mumbo jumbo is out of the way I have 2 of 5 polishes from XOXO Nails' Naked Truth Collection to show you all today.

...A nude creme base with hex, bar and square matte glitters in black and white.
All photos of Dottie are shown as 3 coats topped with Mega Shine.

Dottie is a bit on the streaky side, but the top coat seems to level any streaky spots out. The nude base is too light for me though, it appears almost white against my skin. The glitters came out without the need to fish for them. Make sure to allow enough time between coats or the glitters will drag if you do not let each coat dry before applying the next. Dry time was excellent paired with the fast dry top coat. I really wish this was a bit darker so it would look right against my darker skin, but I know it would look absolutely awesome on you fairer skinned beauties though!

 He's Just Not Into You...
...a nude creme base with turquoise holo hex and square glitters.
All photos of He's Just Not Into You are shown as 3 coats topped with Mega Shine.

He's Just Not Into You is my favorite of the 2. I'm not sure if it's the, blue glitters vs the black and white or if the base is slightly a different shade of nude, but this looks better on me than Dottie did. Now it's still not the correct color of nude for me but it just looks less severe to me. I'm I imagining this?? IDK. Anyway, the formula for HJNIY is the same as it was in Dottie. Any streaks leveled with top coat and the glitters came out so easily. I love the holo, it really takes the basic nude to a whole other level. Still soft and sweet but with a bit of pizazz! Neither one required a glitter smoothing top coat since the glitters were nice and flat against the nail and they blended nicely into the polish. 

XOXO Nails nail lacquer can be purchased on Etsy here. Full size bottles retail for $11 and minis for $5.
You can also follow XOXO Nails on these social media sites:

There are still 3 more polishes that I have to show from the Naked Truth collection so make sure to keep checking in for that ! 

♥ Gini ♥


  1. Super cute colors! I need a good nude for this spring still.

    1. Ketlyn this collection would look amazing on you! You have the perfect skin color for it!!!

  2. Nice Blog :)

    You are invited to my "International Giveaway by Born Pretty Store".

  3. Very pretty, Gini. These are very nicely balanced glitters.

    I just love white crellies with fun bling, and both look lovely on you.

    Nice job, sweetie. I'm going to check this collection out.


  4. Hey Gini, I think these look great on you! But I agree that Dottie looks more white than nude.

  5. I'm surprised by how much I like He's Just Not Into You. I'm not a huge fan of nude colors, but that bright turquoise glitter in there is gorgeous.


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