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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wing Dust Collections "Prize Winning Petunia"

Hey all! Today I FINALLY have this beauty from Wing Dust to show you! I have had it for a while, sorry Steph, but every time I would pull it out it would get cloudy and rainy. Especially lately, with all of the raining, tornadoes and flooding around here I was starting to wonder if there was a reason Mother Nature didn't want me to swatch this! I was dodging clouds all afternoon yesterday just to try and get these photos, but it was well worth the game and the wait because this is GORGEOUS!

Prize Winning Petunia...
...a deep purple/fuchsia jelly base loaded with periwinkle, purple, turquoise and iridescent glitters with scattered holo.
All photos of PWP are shown as 2 coats topped with SH Diamond Flash.

"Prize-Winning Petunia, this is the name my Mom has called all her kids since as long as I can remember... so this is in her honor." -Stephanie 

Isn't this a stunner? This shade is positively gorgeous and the glitters are a perfect combo, subtle but still just enough to give it an extra pop of color. Then add the holo into the mix and I am just floored. Stephanie always makes the loveliest polishes, she has yet to disappoint, with each one I find "my new favorite"! LOL
The formula, as always, is absolute perfection. It applied so smooth it was like silk, no pooling, dragging or flooding. Dry time is amazing and the glitters came out and lay so flat against the nail that no glitter smoothing top coat was necessary.   

Light box

Light box

Wing Dust Collections can be purchased on Etsy by clicking here, don't forget to use the code Sassy15 at checkout for your 15% off!!!  There are only a few items that are still available in Steph's shop but I did she that she is hard at work preparing for another restock wit some new goodies! Yay! In the mean time you can find several more Wing Dust polishes on Llarowe's site here
You can also follow Wing Dust on these social media sites:

What do you think about this beauty?  Do you love it as much as I do?
♥ Gini ♥

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