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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mudflap Nails with KKCenterHK Sexy Girl Glitters

When KKCenterHK asked me to pick a couple of items to review I saw these little glitters and I had a very specific mani in mind. The problem with my very specific ideas is that they never really translate very well when I try to execute them. :/ Originally I intended on using black as the base color for this but there is no way the brown would have shown up over the black. So I started off with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Then I put several drops of Milani Dark Coffee in a mini spray bottle with several drops of nail polish thinner. I shook it up and sprayed it focusing on the tips. If I had a larger drop I shook my hands, like I had water on them, giving it a drippy look. *The spray method can be very messy, I went outside to spray so I didn't make a mess in the house. For easier clean up you can use Vaseline around the nail and just wipe clean after you are done spraying, much gentler than using a ton of acetone*

Next I applied a layer of top coat and then using my dotting tool I added the "Sexy Girl Glitters".

I really wish I could get these glitters to lay flat against the nail. I applied 2 coats of NYC Matte Me Crazy on top of it to try and help but it failed. I really like the idea of these special shaped glitters but for someone that has a pronounced curve to their nails, like I do, these just aren't very practical. If you have super flat nails then these would probably work better. 

You can purchase the 6mm Sexy Girl Glitter in copper from KKCenterHK at this These glitters also come in black, green and red and cost $8 for a jar of them, as you can see in the photo above that there are A LOT of them in that jar! These glitters aren't your thing? KKCenterHK has a ton of nail stuff, from polish to water decals and they have makeup, wigs, fashion accessories and much much more! So take a look around and if you find some things you like make sure to use the code sassypaints2012 for 10% off your purchase!  

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