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Friday, June 14, 2013

Rainbow Punk Nail Art

Another late post tonight! Sorry! I just can't seem to get my rear in gear. I managed to get some nail art done the other night. I have to say that I am really happy with how this turned out. It isn't exactly what I had started off thinking I was going to create but I like it and I hope you do too! 

I apologize that I didn't take step by step pictures! I got so wrapped u in crating that it slipped my mind! I'm a bad blogger! :'( I will give details on how I created this mani below. 

I created a sponged gradient using Zoya Yana, Darcy & Rocky from the new summer Stunning Collection (Click this link to see that review!). *I want to note that I have done several gradients, I love them, and I have tried a lot of yellows for them but Darcy is the BEST yellow I have used for this, it's thick enough that it didn't need to be sponged on over and over!*
 On my thumb, middle and pinkie I drew on some leopard spots using my MASH nail art pen in black.
Next I  used scotch tape to block off half of my nail on my ring and index fingers and painted the exposed half with Finger Paints Black Expressionism. 
While that was still tacky I added some really cool iridescent glequins from the Born Pretty Store (full review to come soon!).
 Next I added the Punk Style Chain also from BPS!
Then I finished with Out the Door Northern Lights to give it a bit of scattered holo sparkle.

The Punk Style Chain...
 ...was actually really easy to work with, which was surprising to me because I was expecting it to be hard to use. 
I simply measured out the length I needed by counting links, I used 10 links for each nail. 
I snipped the 11th link with my cuticle cutters, I may as well let them cut something since they never touch my cuticles but you could just use a pair of strong scissors or a small wire cutter. :) It cut really easily but not so easy that it would just fall apart. 
Next I applied a layer of top coat, I used OPI Start to Finish because it's not fast drying and I wanted it to be tacky still after I was able to pick up the chain and place it.
Placement was the part I was worried about. I thought it would have to be lifted and reset a couple of times to get it in the right spot. Both nails were done on the first shot. 
Basically I picked the chain up with a pair of tweezers from the end link. Then I applied it starting with the the loose end at the tip of my nail, this is why the top coat needs to be tacky borderline wet still so when you apply the first link it really sticks when you pull it, gently, to stretch the chain to it's full length across the nail.
I used my cuticle pusher to just push the chain against the nail into that sticky top coat to make sure it stuck well.
Finally I added top coat, not on top of the chain but a generous amount on each side allowing it to surround the chain and secure it. I never have much luck with adding top coat over the top of thing like studs and rhinestones, it always seems to bubble or look junkie afterwards, so surrounding it seemed to be the best alternative. It worked really well, it's day 3 and this mani is still going strong. 
The texture is nice since it lays so smoothly against the nail. I see myself using this chain in some more funky nail art in the future! 

Do you think you would try using the Punk Style Chain in your manicures? If you want to you can find that on the Born Pretty Website at this The chain comes in a small zip locked baggie and you get 100cm (just over 3ft.) for the price of $5.61 and shipping is free worldwide! If you decide to order make sure to use the code JC5X31 for 10% off of your purchases at Born Pretty Store!

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I really hope my directions weren't too confusing! I plan on having a full review of those glequins I used really soon! So keep checking back for that! Thanks for reading loves!! 
Have a great weekend! 
♥ Gini ♥

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