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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Live Life Polished "Cards 4Ever" "#12 In 13" & "Rally Squirrel"

Today's post combines two of my greatest loves: polish and the St. Louis Cardinals! If you have been following me for any amount of time you know that I love baseball season. Some of the best times spent with my dad were at Cards games. It was one of the only ways we really bonded, and it's something he and I enjoy still today! I just love the energy of the fans, the yells from the beer vendors, the smell of the stadium, St Louis is the best city for baseball! So when Tammy, creator of Live Life Polished and fellow Cards fan, said she had been thinking of making some Cardinals polishes I was super excited! These are those creations!  

Cards 4Ever!...
...a light red jelly base with white squares and red, matte and metallic, hexes.
All photos of Cards 4Ever! are shown as 3 coats topped with SH Diamond Flash.

This is such a beautiful shade, it's a very pale red that leans a little pink. It is a bit sheer but since my nails are fairly short it worked well. If being used on longer nails I would recommend an extra layer or even some undies to prevent VNL. Application was great, it was thick enough that it was very controlled, no flooding at all and it was self-leveling, excellent formula.

#12 in 13...
...a white jelly base with white squares and red, matte and metallic, hexes.
All photos of #12 in 13 are shown as 3 coats topped with SH Diamond Flash.  

#12 in 13, here's hoping! For those that don't know, the Cards have won the World Series 11 times and we're hoping they will win a 12th in 2013! This polish reminds me of a Cards jersey, LOVE IT! I really like the way the smaller glitters pop, in this one and in Cards 4Ever.  The formula is excellent again, it applied like a dream. Again if you have longer nails you may feel the need to add an extra coat or wear this on top of undies to prevent VNL, I personally prefer my white jellies to be a little less opaque like this. It makes it have a more delicate and squishy appearance vs looking chalky. 

Rally Squirrel...
...a gray crelly with white matte hexes and squares.
All photos of Rally Squirrel are shown as 2 coats topped with SH Diamond Flash.

Named for the squirrel that kept making an appearance during the NLDS games against the Phillies and became our good luck charm. (Yes sports fans are superstitious) This is super opaque, only requiring 2 coats. It seems to have a bit of shimmer to it as well but I don't know if my eyes were messing with me or if  there really is. I'm just not sure since I never managed to capture it. Either way, the formula was, again, excellent. It applied nice and smooth, no issues to report. All 3 of these polishes had an excellent dry time. 

You can purchase Live Life Polished on StoreEnvy
You can 15% off your entire purchase from now until June, 30.2013 by using the code 15off!
You can also follow Live Life Polished on Instagram @teajayess

Are there any other baseball fanatics out there? More importantly, are you part of the Cardinal Nation?
Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon with some non baseball related polishes by Live Life Polished for you all! 
♥ Gini ♥ 

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