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Monday, June 24, 2013

Love, Angeline "Light Show", "I ♥ USA" & "Fire Cracker"

Hello loves!! How was your weekend? Mine was ok, it was rainy and kinda icky here most of the weekend. For today's post I have some 4th of July polishes to show you, the Independence collection from Love, Angeline.  

 Light Show...
...a black jelly base with round and hex magenta, teal, purple and silver glitters.
All photos of Light Show are shown as 2 coats topped with NPB Glitter Food and OPI Start to Finish.

As you can see there is a TON of glitter in this polish! There is no need to fish they come out in an abundance. I chose to use to layers alone but you could easily layer this over black or even a dark blue or purple, since it is still a bit sheer with 2 coats and I was not brave enough to add a third coat since it was already exploding with glitters! The formula was a bit on the thick side which is good for glitter suspension but it was a bit tricky with application, so I added a few drops of thinner and it was much easier to work with. 

I ♥ USA...
...a light blue crelly base with red hexes, white hearts and blue stars.
All photos of I ♥ USA are shown as 3 coats topped with NPB Glitter Food and SH Diamond Flash

I'm not generally a huge fan of shaped glitters, I like them just don't Looooove them. That being said, I LOOOOOOOOVE  I ♥ USA! I am totally going to rock this for the 4th, It is so perfect for the holiday! The base color is just a tad more pigmented irl, in the photos it looks a bit washed out for some reason. This could be layered over white or even a similar blue to change the look a bit but by itself it is so squishy and yummy looking! Again the formula was on the thick side but a few drops of thinner made it perfect. I want to note that the bubbling you see here and in the next polish was not due to the formula of the polish it was because my top coat was getting thick and being a pain. 

Fire Cracker...
...a red jelly base with white and silver holo glitters.
All photos of Fire Cracker are shown as 2 coats topped with SH Diamond Flash.

Fire cracker is a delicious shade of red and the glitters just sparkle! I did add a few drops of thinner to this as well and it went on absolutely perfect. I did not use a smoothing top coat with this since the glitters weren't as chunky but I probably could have since it was a little bumpy from the amount of small glitters. It was also much more opaque in just 2 coats than I thought it would be. I did have some staining when I removed this one. I did use a base coat, as I always do. I used 2 coats of NPB Glitter-A-Peel  and then a coat of SH Complete Salon Manicure Base Coat. I tried to scrub the staining off right after I removed it but it didn't come off right away. It did eventually fade to barely there stains after a couple of days of hand washing, showering and dish washing, but not completely. I have contacted Natosha about it and she has not received any other complaints about staining. Just make sure you always wear your base coat to prevent staining or to prevent stains that could be worse, I always do and I know some of you girls don't. I only had this on for a couple of hours so length of time has noting to do with staining! I don't particularly care about stained nails since they are almost always covered but I know some of you do. 

Love, Angeline can be purchased on Big Cartel. They all retail for $6-$8 for full size bottles.  
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