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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shades of Phoenix "Astraios" & "Apollo"

Hello my polished pretties! Sorry for the late post but I have been feeling a little weird lately, very tired and kinda loopy, so I spent most of the day laying in bed. I really wanted to show you these lovely Aussie polishes that the super sweet Sisi from Color4Nails sent to me to review. These 2 polishes are from Shades of Phoenix's Olympus Collection.

...a dusky blue jelly full of silver and blue glitter with a bright silver holo stars.
All photos of Astraios are shown as 3 coats topped with NPB Glitter Food and SH Diamond Flash.

"Astraios: the Titan-god of the dusk."
After I polished I realized that I should have used undies, but when I looked at the swatches from other bloggers they had said that you could get full coverage with 2 coats. This shows 3. I would really recommend using undies, something like Revlon Royal or Orly Shockwave would work perfectly. This is the only real issue I had with this. The formula was perfect, it applied nice and smooth, it didn't drag or flood. The glitters were suspended well, the stars sis need a little bit of coaxing to come out of the bottle but nothing to problematic. I think this looks beautiful, and would look even more so layered to make those glitters pop even more! 

...a yellow pearl like base with matte yellow hex, tiny flecks of gold and two different bright oranges.
All photos of Apollo are shown as 2 coats topped with SH Diamond Flash.

"Apollo: known as a god of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing, plague, music and poetry." 
LOOOOOVE! I have really grown to adore yellow polishes in this past year and this one is really amazing! The color is so opaque this only needed 2 coats and really was almost fully opaque in 1. This is very rare for a yellow polish, no matter the finish. Yellows are typically streaky and sheer. The glitters had settled just a little so I gave it a little roll between my hands, upside down, and they dispersed throughout the bottle very nicely. Application was great, smooth and nicely controlled. This mani is actually photographed sans cleanup! That's how much control the formula allowed me to have,  and I can be a sloppy polisher! LOL 
Dry time was great with both of these polishes as well. 

What do you think about these beauties? 
For those of us in the States it can be tough to get our polished paws on some of these lovely Aussie polishes but we can purchase them form Color4Nails! They also offer $4 flat rate shipping (US) which is up to 12 bottles I believe. They also offer shipping to everyone else worldwide with the exception of, Italy, South Africa and Central America.
  Color4Nails is currently working in getting their website up and running ( but in the meantime you can place an order by emailing Sisi at Shades od Phoenix 's Olympus Collection retails for $11 per 12ml bottle! 
If you follow Color4Nails on Facebook (click here) you can get updates on current stock and any new brands that will be available! 
You can also follow on Instagram @color4nails

♥ Gini ♥
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