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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jamberry Nail Shields Review

Hello ladies! I have a review for you today. Now it's not polish but it's a polish alternative for those of you who are looking for a longer lasting manicure.  I am asked constantly, by family, friends and followers about how to have a manicure that lasts. While there are steps that you can take to prolong a polish mani there are other alternatives. A lot of women like using shields, and there are a wide variety of them out there. So I contacted Shelly, a Jamberry Independent Consultant, to send me a sample to review for you all.

I applied the shield as an accent nail to give you a comparison of how well it would hold up vs polish.
The basics of application are as follows:
On a clean nail that has been buffed out you match the shield to the finger it will fit on the best. Peel the shield off the paper and warm it up with a blow-dryer for about 15 seconds. Once it's warm you apply it to the nail and then smooth it out and seal it with a cuticle pusher(preferably a rubber one so you don't damage the shield) Then you trim excess with scissors and file the rest in a downward motion. Then apply heat and pressure to the shield again to insure a seal.
Application wasn't to hard but it does require a little bit of practice. You'll see in my pictures that I had a bit of a hard time with getting one side to smooth out.  I do believe that if I had a full set I would have nailed it (oun intended, haha) byt he 2nd or 3rd nail or had I applied this to my left hand it would have gotten smoothed out completely, since I am right handed!

I wore the shield and the polish for 6 days. Here is the differnece in wear.

Shields vs polish...I think the shields won. What do you think?
As you can see the corners are gone, but I will again claim responsibility for that. I didn't get the seal on the shield well enough and it happened right away. I have to say I am impressed with Jamberry shields. I have tried a few of the store brand shields and those have failed miserably. The adhesive on those things melt so badly they start to slip off after a couple of good hot hand washes or after a sink full of dishes. Even with my flawed application these didn't budge. No goo, no slipping, cracking, or tearing. (the corners, I had to cut off because I failed to realize that they weren't sealed until after I had gotten my hands wet and applied cuticle oil so there was no way to save them) These are very good quaility shields in comparison to the others I've tried. For all of you ladies who aren't polish junkies and just like to have a nice looking set of nails these may be for you.
-You're not dealing with liquid which means NO DRYING TIME.
-They DON'T CHIP, like I said I had to cut the corners off, I couldn't get them off any other way! 
-They're WATER PROOF! 
-Priced at $15 a sheet is great considering they last waaaaay longer than getting a manicure at your local salon that cost even more! (They can last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes)
-There are designs for every holiday, occasion and season. So no more wishing you can flaunt your cool nail art, you can just apply it with these!

-Application can take a little practice and patience. 

Overall, I was very satisfied with  these shields and pleasantly surprised. If you have been wanting to try them out I would recommend doing so! If you are interested contact Shelly these 3 ways:
or through email

Shelly is currently running a special offer this month for first time customers offering a free gift with purchase for those who place an order with her before Oct 9th!  So swing by her page or site to take advantage of this offer and let her know I sent you! =)
She's also having a party special going on now as well.(see the picture below!)

Have a great night gals

*This sample was sent to me for a review, all oppinions are my own.*

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