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Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 manis,1 post. Both Nail Fail!

Hey all, sorry I've not been keeping up with my challenges lately. I have been pretty busy with reviews and I have been a bit put off with the challenges since I broke my nail. Nail art is virtually impossible to do on my right hand since I am right handed. My left hand is pretty useless unless it's holding a bottle of polish. LOL 
I did completely bypass Day 19 (Galaxies) in the challenge. I will do one before the challenge is over, cross my heart! Today I have Days 20 and 21, Water Marble and Inspired by a Color.
I want to remind you that at the very beginning of this challenge I said that I would show you even the most ugly, failed attempts. And these frankly belong in that category. 

Water Marble:
I wan to start off by telling you this is NOT the original water marble I had done for this day. I had the most Epic water marble ever done by me! It was delicate and squishy pink and was almost perfectly uniformed on each finger! I had it all done but I had to leave the house before I got my pix taken. Needless to say by the time I got home I had screwed it up so bad I just took it off. I redid it in the original colors and it sucked! So I tried these colors instead. It still sucked but at this point I said f**k it and gave up! Here is nail fail #1

As you can see It was less than perfect, then when I added my top coat I jacked it up even more.Oh well.
Colors used were Orly Shockwave and Sally Hansen I Pink I Can

Next I have Inspired by a color. I wasn't particularly moved by any color so I asked my hubby to pick.When he picked this I knew I wanted to use the beads I got from the $1 store since they were close in color. Here are the pix from nail fail #2

This was my first attempt at "beaded" nails (I don't want to get in trouble with Ciate using the C word) and it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I dipped my nail in the beads maybe next time I will sprinkle them on...any suggestions? 
Anyway, this is my nail fail for day 21. This color is Sally Hansen Parrot.

Well I  will be back soon with my hopefully not a fail inspired by a song challenge day 22!

As always check out what the other lovelies have been up to with their challenges!

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