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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A is for Aqua Denim

Today instead of Nail Art Thursday I am going to do my first day of the very relaxed ABC Challenge. I am running low on time, I have packing and last minute house work that needs to be done as well as a scheduled post for Friday, since I will be leaving for Indiana tonight. My little Red-Head has her first out of state gymnastics meet at the dome this weekend, so I get to see my big brother and my niece as well! Yay! 

Anyway, for those who aren't familiar with the ABC challenge it's pretty easy. We are doing a weekly post and for each letter I will pick a polish that the brand or name starts with the letter of that week! I want to say a quick thank you to one of my polish bff's Kimber @ Kimber'sLacquerKorner  for organizing this challenge! I am looking forward to seeing the different polishes that I'm sure I will be adding to my always growing wish list!
I have Aqua Denim by Candie's today. I have been wanting to try this brand to see if it was really worth the $10 price tag so when they went on sale after the holidays I snagged one just to try it out. 

All photos are shown as 2 coats of Aqua Denim topped with 1 coat of Out The Door Northern Lights top coat for that hint of sparkle! 
(Please excuse the ding on my ring finger, I had a little accident! )

I almost FREAKED out when removing this color. When I took the foil off my nails were still very very blue! I thought they were going to be stained BADLY! But after a little soap, warm water and scrubbing the blue came completely off! Thanks goodness! I usually use my Elmer's glue so I can just peel it off but I was planning on wearing this for a few days while I was in Indy. I removed it because I am having a hard time keeping polish on these pointy talons! It's either that I'm not wrapping my tips right to keep the polish from chipping, the shape, or the base coat I used. Oh well, looks like I will be sporting NAKED nails this weekend!!! O_O

While I like the formula and the color is very pretty, I probably won't be buying any more of these. The price, even at $5, is too steep for a polish that really didn't WOW me. I own a Sally Hansen that is almost the exact same color and it was 1/4 of the original price of the Candy's! If you are interested in this color or just finding any of the Candie's colors I purchased mine at Kohl's.

Here are the other Lacquered Lovelies participating in this challenge! Go see what they have to show you! 

Have a great weekend everyone! Once I get back I will have some new swatches for some pretty great Indies! 
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