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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A is for Aqua Denim

Today instead of Nail Art Thursday I am going to do my first day of the very relaxed ABC Challenge. I am running low on time, I have packing and last minute house work that needs to be done as well as a scheduled post for Friday, since I will be leaving for Indiana tonight. My little Red-Head has her first out of state gymnastics meet at the dome this weekend, so I get to see my big brother and my niece as well! Yay! 

Anyway, for those who aren't familiar with the ABC challenge it's pretty easy. We are doing a weekly post and for each letter I will pick a polish that the brand or name starts with the letter of that week! I want to say a quick thank you to one of my polish bff's Kimber @ Kimber'sLacquerKorner  for organizing this challenge! I am looking forward to seeing the different polishes that I'm sure I will be adding to my always growing wish list!
I have Aqua Denim by Candie's today. I have been wanting to try this brand to see if it was really worth the $10 price tag so when they went on sale after the holidays I snagged one just to try it out. 

All photos are shown as 2 coats of Aqua Denim topped with 1 coat of Out The Door Northern Lights top coat for that hint of sparkle! 
(Please excuse the ding on my ring finger, I had a little accident! )

I almost FREAKED out when removing this color. When I took the foil off my nails were still very very blue! I thought they were going to be stained BADLY! But after a little soap, warm water and scrubbing the blue came completely off! Thanks goodness! I usually use my Elmer's glue so I can just peel it off but I was planning on wearing this for a few days while I was in Indy. I removed it because I am having a hard time keeping polish on these pointy talons! It's either that I'm not wrapping my tips right to keep the polish from chipping, the shape, or the base coat I used. Oh well, looks like I will be sporting NAKED nails this weekend!!! O_O

While I like the formula and the color is very pretty, I probably won't be buying any more of these. The price, even at $5, is too steep for a polish that really didn't WOW me. I own a Sally Hansen that is almost the exact same color and it was 1/4 of the original price of the Candy's! If you are interested in this color or just finding any of the Candie's colors I purchased mine at Kohl's.

Here are the other Lacquered Lovelies participating in this challenge! Go see what they have to show you! 

Have a great weekend everyone! Once I get back I will have some new swatches for some pretty great Indies! 


  1. Ooh I like the color and love the sparkle that you added :)

  2. Again, love that ring!!!!

    I also love this color combo, but you're right....SH Pacific Blue is really close to this and much cheaper.

    1. ;) The ring is called a Cruzan Hook, from the Virgin Islands. My Bff gave it to me.

      And yes I was thinking of Pacific Blue exactly when I was swatching this color.

  3. The color is lovely but I do agree with you about not being worth spending 10$ for something that is not so unique, at all!

    1. Right! None of their colors are really spectacularly unique. The fancy bottle is the most unique part of it.

  4. The sparkle looks great on top of the polish.

    I created a FB group for us :)

  5. Your nails are looking beautiful, Ginny. Sorry those splendid angled tips aren't holding onto the polish better! :(

    This color is gorgeous, though ~ like you, I'm now at that place too...where I want something unique for my money. I suppose that's what happen when the scope of our utterly enchanted stashes begin to exceed reality.



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