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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Miss March Couture: Belly Dance Collection & Cuticle Balm Review

Tonight I have a newer Indie to show you. Jen from Miss March has some real beauties in this collection, all you glitter haters (Nicole) will appreciate this collection a lot! There are 2 shimmers, 2 multichromes and 1 glitter (not a glitter bomb, I promise).

Undulation: a brown, green, gold, teal multichrome.

All photos of Undulation are shown as 2 coats 1 coat Mega Shine.

These photos do not do this polish justice! There is much more of a shift in color than I was able to capture in these pix. The formula was a dream, it didn't pool, flood, drag or even thicken with application. Dry time was really fast too! It's super pigmented as well, it was almost completely opaque in 1 coat. This is one of my favorites from the collection! 

Shimmy: a blue, gold, green multichrome.

All photos of Shimmy are shown as 2 coats topped with 1 coat of Mega Shine.

My favorite of the collection. This show up more blue in the pictures than it did in person, though it does flash plenty of blue. The formula with this was, again, perfect! I have no complaints at all. 2 coats are more than enough to cover! Excellent polish! 

Slides: a charcoal base with silver micro fine glitters.

All photos of Slides are shown as 3 coats topped with 1 coat of Mega Shine.

The only glitter in this collection, a very subtle glitter. This one is slightly thinner and less opaque than the others, requiring 3 coats for full coverage with no VNL. Again the formula was nice and gave no issue. I did have a very hard time photographing this one, it was much more sparkly than it shows here, it kind of freaked my camera out for some reason! LOL

Circles: a pink/coral shimmer.

All photos of Circles are shown as 2 coats topped with 1 coat of Mega Shine.

Again the formula is excellent and gave no problems. The color of this does lean more pink but the orange hint to make it more coral is definitely there. 

Figure 8's: a red/copper shimmer.

All photos of Figure 8's are shown as 2 coats topped with 1 coat of Mega Shine.

Like the rest, the formula was excellent, it applied smooth like butter. I love the color of this, not a bright smack you in the face red, the hunt of copper makes it very beautiful. All of these have excellent formulas and the dry time was super fast as well. 

Jen also sent me a cuticle balm to try out as well.

Lavender Chamomile has a very pretty subtle scent, and it's a nice convenient size so it will fit in your purse so you can make sure to have nice moisturized cuticles any time! I usually keep a little thing of cuticle balm in my purse since oil is too messy for travel! Remember moisturized cuticles and nails can mean healthier longer nails for you!  Jen has over 30 different scent's available, so there has to be a few you will like, I really recommend the Lavender Chamomile! 

All of Miss March Couture polishes and the cuticle balms can be found on Etsy here.
Jens prices are pretty awesome too at $6 for a full size bottle ($10 for holos and $15 for the gold flake), sets of minis (4-5 bottles) plus a bonus cuticle balm for $10 and single cuticle balms are $2 for a 5 gram jar.
You can aslo follow Jen on Twitter @TheJennaJoy and also on Instagram @thatjannigirl. 

So what are your thoughts on this non glitter collection?

(Product was sent for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by Miss March Couture in any way.)


  1. Slides has captured my heart. Stunnnning.

    Beautiful pix and post, as usual, Gini!

  2. slides has captured my heart too. beautiful swatches. I am really glad that the formula on these is such a win. Your nails are gorgeous!

  3. Cute polishes but what got my mind spinning was the cuticle balm...I'm imagining how delicious it must smell!

  4. Thanks gals! :) slides is very pretty, would be awesome matte too!
    Nailista that cuticle balm smells and feels awesome!


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