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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stamping: Butterflies

As promised I am going to try and do a bit of weekend stamping every other weekend. This is my first attempt at stamping a several months, so I went a little easy. My hubby and I had plans to go to the butterfly house with my mom and niece today, so I decided on simple butterflies. Too bad we never actually made it to the butterfly house! But we did go bowling! ;)

I started off with 2 coats of Revlon Jelly, a bright kind of coral pink, which is not a "jelly" at all, but a creme. 
 I totally had a brain fart moment and forgot to take pictures of my base color pre-stamp, so sorry. 
Jelly is super pigmented, it covered in almost 1 coat but to even out any bald spots I did 2. The downside to this shade is it stains your cuticles and fingers if it does flood, which it can tend to do if you aren't super careful, or not too steady handed. Also, when applying my top coat the color bled on to my brush,. This irritates me soooo much. I hate when my top coat isn't clear any more, so I decided to use the bottle of SV that I have not been using since I didn't care if it turned pink.
 I decided to do an accent nail of Essie Beyond Cozy, 2 coats of a perfect formula.
Then using Essie No Place Like Chrome with stamp plate SE20 to stamp the butterflies. 

I very rarely have both hands painted the same so I decided to take a couple shots of the stilettos too.

So there is my week attempt at stamping, when I get better at it i will try to do more elaborate patterns and designs and maybe I'll get a couple plates with larger designs since most of the full nail designs are too small for my nails. :(  
Have a great night! 
♥ Gini ♥


  1. That's so funny, I just did a manicure with Essie's Beyond Cozy too! This is gorgeous! I love the color combo and butterflies!

  2. Neat! Great job, I so gotta try this one of these days :)

  3. I don't know how you can stand having two different nail shapes, that would drive the OCD in me batty! I vote for all stiletto!!


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