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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bitch Glitz Review: The Valentine's Collection

Today I have another Valentine's Day collection to show you, from a newer Indie maker, BG Cosmetics aka Bitch Glitz. All 3 are so opaque they give almost complete coverage  in 1 coat, 2 coats get the job done for sure. Ketlyn is the owner of BG Cosmetics, she makes 3 Free and Cruelty Free polishes with a dash of Diamond Dust for extra shimmer and chip resistance!

Strawberry Sunrise: a shimmery fuchsia base with small silver, white, pink and purple glitters (metalic and holo) 

All photos of Strawberry Sunrise are shown as 2 coats topped with 1 coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

Strawberry Sunrise has a thick formula but not so much that I couldn't apply. There is plenty of glitter in this and it slid right onto the nail without issue. Since there is a lot of smaller glitter in this one I used the Glitter Food to smooth out the gritty finish before adding my normal top coat. Lovely color, so bright it was almost impossible to get a good color accurate picture! 

Candy Coated Innocence: a pearly white base with pink hearts, pink & purple holo hexes and purple shreds.

All photos of Candy Coated Innocence are shown as 2 coats topped with 1 coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and 1 coat Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

Again a little on the thicker side, I did add a couple of drops of thinner to keep it from getting too thick during application. The glitters all came out easily, and went on to the nail the same. Again using a glitter smoothing top coat like Glitter Food is recommended for a nice even finish. 

Chocolate Treasure: a shimmery chocolate brown with gold, turquoise, and blue glitters in various shapes and sizes.

All photos of  Chocolate Treasure are shown as 2 coats topped with 1 coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

My favorite of the 3! I really think this looks like a chocolate bar with toffee bits and funky blue bits too lol. Seriously though, I really love this color. Again it was a tad thick, but not problematic. The glitters all cam out  of the bottle easily and went onto the nail without a hassle. Don't forget for a smooth finish a glitter smoothing top coat is needed. 
*Note* After I swatched Chocolate Treasure Kimber from Kimbers Lacquer Korner swatched this one as well and her bottle had heart shaped glitters in it, I double checked m bottle and fished  for a while to see if there were any hearts and I never found any. While I prefer this polish without hearts and it does not state there are hearts in it specifically, there may or may not be hearts in it. I just wanted to let you know.

The formula on all 3 is consistent, a bit thick but I think it helps with the opaqueness of these. If you prefer a thinner formula a couple of drops of a 3 Free thinner will help that out. These all are very lovely colors and the larger glitter ones are very unique combos! I enjoyed them very much! 

The Bitch Glitz Valentine's Collection can be purchased on Etsy here. All single full size bottles are $10 the set of all 3 can be purchased for $26. 
You can also follow BG Cosmetics on Facebook here, to get shop updates and previews of new products, and on Twitter @BGCosmetics and IG @bgcosmetics.

(This product was sent for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by BG Cosmetics in any way.)

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