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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

C is for Color Club

I am actually posting on time for this ABC Challenge! Wooho!  I'll try and have a review post up tonight at some point too! Anyway, I picked 2 untried Color Club polishes for today's challenge and the end result...SPARKLE!

I started off with 4 coats of Color Club Metamorphosis...I could be wrong about the name since the set had no labels and I had to look the colors up.

I was really hoping to try and catch the purple shimmer that is hidden in this beautiful teal color. IRL it's very obvious that it's there, I just couldn't capture it on camera. I tried freezin my butt off outside in direct sunlight, I even tried water still wouldn't show. :( I did use 4 coats of this to get full opaqueness but it didn't cause it to dry slow or get thick since the formula itself was just really thin. 

Next I added Color Club Magic Attraction as a glitter gradient...a failed one but hey I tried! 

As you can see this is a holo glitter! Man is it sparkly! The formula was really thick so I had a bit of a hard time getting it to spread nicely, not to mention that I second guessed myself and decided to add more at the tips when in all actuality it was perfectly fine! Oh well.

Metamorphosis came in a set of 7 that I found at Ross for $5.99. 
Magic Attraction also came in a set of 7. I received it as a Christmas gift so I'm not sure how much my in-laws paid for it but I believe they picked it up at TJ Maxx.

Thanks for visitng! Make sure to check out the other lovely ladies in the challenge!

♥ Gini ♥

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