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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Color Club Holo Hues *Spring 2013*

Today I have the entire set of Color Clubs Spring 2013 Holo Hues Collection. I missed out on the first set, when everyone was buying them at cheaper prices, so when I found this set through an IG connection I made sure I grabbed one before the prices went up. 

They are all outdoor pix with the exception of 1 indoor pic for each set. I was fighting with keeping the sun but it was well worth it because the holo is amazing. Since none of the pictures were taken in my light box the quality isn't quite up to par with what I usually post. I prefer to show you how great the holo is vs having fancy pictures for this post. I hope you enjoy, I really enjoyed swatching and photographing them! 

Eternal Beauty
(Dark Purple)

(Golden Green)



Cosmic Fate
(Peachy Copper)

Over the Moon


Miss Bliss


The formula on each and every one of these is amazing! They are smooth as silk and dried really fast considering I didn't use a fast dry top coat.  I think my favorites of the collection are Eternal Beauty, Cosmic Fate and Miss Bliss. The most surprising being Cosmic Fate, I thought it would be the one I'd like the least but it's quite stunning on the nail! All 6 shades are shown as 2 coats for full opacity. I only used my Elmer's as my base (sort of a ridge filler to avoid having to buff the ridges) and I didn't use a top coat either. I have heard that the top coat doesn't dull the holo of these like it can with most holos. Wear on these seems to be pretty good, especially since I didn't use a regular base coat or a top coat. I got mine to last over 24 hours with dish washing and showering without chipping before I had to remove to do more swatching.
So....which is your favorite?

I should note that Color Club has just started taking pre-orders on this set at  $10 a piece here.

♥ Gini ♥
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