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Monday, February 4, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness: Hello? Collection Review & Swatches

Happy Monday!!! Today I have an amazing Valentine’s Day collection from my most favorite Indie maker! I know that there are a TON of Vday collections out there and you may be feeling smacked in the face with them, but these are more than just Vday polishes! These kind of make me think of  that scene in Bambi, when everything starts to thaw and all the animals get Twitterpated! LOL These polishes aren’t just a bunch of hearts in a bottle, they are flowers and butterflies too! Very Spring like and not just your ordinary Vday polishes, so these beauties can be worn long after the obligatory flowers have died and the conversation hearts have disappeared!

Is It Me You’re Looking For?…
…a clear base with light pink and hot pink flowers, matte red squares and tiny holo and disco glitters.

All photos of Is It Me You’re Looking For? are shown as 2 coats over Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac.

Aaaaaamazing! I love the flowers! You can see that at a certain angle the holo really shows up! It’s so awesome! I decided instead of just adding a top coat and being done that I would sandwich it and added 2 coats of OPI Care to Danse? and 1 coat of Mega Shine.

Oh how I love how it looks all squishy!! How bout you?
The formula is EXCELLENT! Allison does such an amazing job with all of her polishes and this is no exception. She has so many flowers and the base is perfect for suspending them along with the much smaller glitters. There is no fishing needed in the slightest, every single time you pull the brush out you get flowers!

Are You Somewhere Feeling Lonely?…
…a clear base with black hearts, purple hexes, fuchsia, lavender and pink square glitters and a hint of shimmer.

All  photos of Are You Somewhere Feeling Lonely? are shown as 2 coats over 2 coats Sally Hansen Breezy Blue.

While this isn't super textured if you are wearing it shiny you should use some Glitter Food to smooth it out first. These first few pictures just don’t show how gorgeous this polish really is, it’s hidden bit of sparks just don’t show with the glossy top coat so I made it matte with NYC You Matte Me Crazy

Can you see the sparks on top of the hearts? This formula is excellent as well! The hearts came out fairly easy, no real fishing required, the smaller glitters came out and slid onto nail without any issues as well. This is easily my second favorite of the collection! I’m really diggin the black hearts!

Is Someone Loving You?…
…pink circles, pink holo butterflies, pink squares and pink and silver micro glitters in a clear base.

All photos of Is Someone Loving You? Are shown as 2 coats over 1 coat L’Oreal Penthouse Pink.

So these first few pictures I decided I need to start off with NYC You Matte Me Crazy. It really shows off the individual glitters so well. I love how this looks! This one is my favorite of the collection! It really is hard to decide because they are all gorgeous, but I love the butterflies! Especially when they are holo like  these next pictures when I added my fast dry top coat of Mega Shine.

Look at the rainbow in those butterflies!! Aaaaah! I’m in love! What’s not to love? Round glitters,  holo glitters, pink! Can  you hear the angels singing? Please excuse the crazy color my hands are. Idk why but my hands always photograph weird when I'm wearing pink. The good news is the polish is color accurate!

Tell Me How To Win Your Heart…
…a mix of red, pink and purple small and micro glitters in a clear base

All photos of Tell Me How To Win Your Heart are shown as 2 coats over Spoiled Show Me Some Skin.

I love this polish so much! I was really surprised how smooth it was in comparison to other small/micro glitter polishes.  I chose to wear it with undies and only 2 coats and it had great coverage and no real texture, 3 coats would have covered completely I’m sure! In fact it was so smooth only a coat of Mega Shine was required for my top coat. Until I pulled out the NYC You Matte Me Crazy that is! It’s a subtle difference but I like it!

The formula is perfect with this one as well, of course! Smooth as silk and dry time is excellent, no flooding at all.

Overall, this collection is awesome! Formulas are all outstanding and the beauty of each one of them makes a great mani for any time of the year! You can purchase this collection on Etsy here. It looks as thought the first couple of rounds have already sold out but when Allison has her restocks she always posts on Facebook, and I do believe she was planing on having another sometime this week. So you should follow Nail Pattern Boldness on Facebook here. You can also follow Allison on her blog here, for additional info on upcoming polishes and restock info as well!

I now leave you with the video Hello by Lionel Richie.
(which this lovely collection is named after)

♥ Gini ♥

(This product was sent for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by Nail Pattern Boldness in any way)


  1. They are all brilliantly pretty!

  2. This is a lovely collection, Gini, and I'm really taken with those little flowers. I'm kinda done with the hearts.

    Love Nail Pattern Boldness. Just love them to pieces!

    Great job, hon!

    1. I understand about the hearts, they are everywhere right now. That's why I'm so glad Allison only had 1 from the collection with hearts,the fact that they are black hearts helps too!

  3. Is someone loving you is so pretty!! It's so pink!!!


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