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Friday, February 1, 2013

Polish Addict: Love Story Collection Review & Swatches Plus Miss Sassy Paints Cuticle Oil!

Happy Friday! I hope you all are well! Today Polish Addict has released her Valentine's Day polishes the Love Story Collection.
I have all of them to show you today except for 1, Crazy in Love, which was damaged in shipping! Awwww! *Sad Face*

 I Found Love...
...a light shimmer pink jelly with gold and pink heart glitter, matte white square glitter, purple and rose holo hex glitter, purple iridescent, matte white square, and matte hot pink square glitter

All photos of I Found Love are shown as 3 coats topped with 1 coat NPB Glitter Food and 1 coat Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

This glitter bomb jelly has a beautiful squishy color too it, I love the color combo of the glitters and the jelly base. It was a bit on the thick side and is jam packed full of glitters so it was a bit difficult to get the finished mani to be smooth. My recommendation is to be very patient and allow each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat or you will have dragging glitters. There was no issue with flooding or pooling and the glitters came out in abundance, with the exception of the hearts, I didn't manage to get any out, but I kinda like it without them! :)

Love Triangle... jelly with matte red heart, matte square, matte black square, bar, hex glitters, blue hex and fine red glitter

All photos of Love Triangle are shown as 2 coats over Wet n Wild Red Red topped with 1 coat Glitter Food and 1 coat Mega Shine.

I decided to layer this one on top of a bright red to give it a smokey red look. There are so many glitters in this, I thought it would be easier to show them all off this way. I'm sure it could be worn on it's own but there may still be some VNL. Again, waiting for each coat to dry is key here since it does get a bit thick and has a ton of glitter. Also a glitter smoothing top coat is needed as well. The glitters all came out without issue. There was no pooling or flooding with this one either.

Stone Cold Love...
...a blue/gray linear holo base with micro fine blue shimmer

Indoor daylight bulb

Indoor daylight bulb

All photos of Stone Cold Love are shown as 2 coats no top coat.

Indoor daylight bulb

Indoor daylight bulb
 Indoor light box pictures were unable to capture any holo in this polish at all. It is a beautiful color and 2 coats were more than enough to achieve full opaqueness. The formula was perfect, no pooling, flooding, dragging or thickening. I did manage to get a bit of sun here, after several days of gray skies, to try and capture the holo.
Outdoor direct sun
Outdoor direct sun
 As you can see there is some holo but it's not super strong. Though it is a tad bit stronger than the way it shows up on camera. These 3 were the best pictures of it in direct sun.

Outdoor direct sun

Forbidden Love...
...a clear base with matte neon tangerine heart and matte neon red star glitter, matte black bar, hex, and square glitter, silver hex, stars, and shred glitter

All photos of Forbidden Love are shown as 1 coat over Stone Cold Love and topped with 1 coat of NYC You Matte Me Crazy.

This is the only shot I took with a high shine fast dry top coat (Mega Shine)
This is actually one of my favorites from the collection. The formula was nice and allowed all of the different shaped glitters to come out without issue. The formula was great, no thickening, pooling or flooding. This would look amazing over so many colors and I love it matte!

Miss Sassy Paints Cuticle Oil...
...the delicious aroma of sweet berries, pineapple, coconut, bubbly champagne, juicy orange and just a hint of lime.

Everyone always asks the same do make your cuticles look so nice?
Well the most IMPORTANT thing here is moisturizing. Yes a good lotion is goof for your hands but your nails need extra TLC too. Want beautiful cuticles? Want longer, stronger, healthier nails? Cuticle oils are the way to go! I use cuticle oil after every mani and before bed. Yes I use other cuticle moisturizing products, mostly balms, but the key item I use is oil!

This cuticle oil has the most wonderful scent EVER! Laura, creator and owner of Polish Addict nail products,named this particular cuticle oil after me!! Now I don't know how Laura decided on the scent for this but it's like she jumped into my brain and knew exactly what I, Miss Sassy Paints, want to smell like! She has a combination of my absolute favorite scents, I seriously want to DRINK this stuff because it smells so amazing!! Even my hubby likes it, and he usually hates the smell of the oils and balms! Laura has a complete list of all the ingredients she uses to make these oils on her shops website.

You can purchase all of these products from Polish Addict's Big Cartel shop here.
Prices are $8 for a full and $4 for a mini (including the cuticle oil), except the holo which is $9 & $5
You can also follow on Facebook, Twitter @polishaddict34 and on Instagram @polish_addict_34.

*If you place on order between now and Feb 14th you will get a free Valentine's day gift!*

(These products were sent for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by Polish Addict in any way)

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