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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jindie Nails: Got Glitter?, Purple People Pleaser, Strung Out On Compliments Swatches and Review

Sorry for the late post guys! I have had a b***h of a time getting adjusted to he new light tent and getting my camera to cooperate. I am going to apologize now for the quality of the pictures. They looked pretty good while I was taking them and then during the cropping process I realized that they were not as good as they should be. Jen I am so sorry, but I do believe I have failed at capturing how lovely these glitter beauties are in real life this time around. I'm thinking it may be time to invest in a new camera. It still takes great bottle shots though! LOL

Got Glitter?...
...a clear base with various shapes and sizes of holographic glitters in hot pink, violet, turquoise, sky blue, ocean blue, silver, light and dark green.

All photos of Got Glitter? are shown as 1 coat over Sinful Colors Cotton Candy topped with Glitter Food and Mega Shine.

I really like all of the various shapes in this and that all the glitters are holo. It makes for a very interesting mani, I just kept staring at it all night! The stars were a tad bit difficult to get out of the bottle but the rest just came out with out a problem. You will need a good glitter smoothing top coat like NPB Glitter Food since there are so many glitters in this one. Most of them lay flat but it really helps ensure that the mani is smooth.

Purple People Pleaser...
...white, black & purple matte glitter and blue and lavender shiny metallic glitter in a clear base with blue shimmer.

All photos of Purple People Pleaser are shown as 2 coats over Sinful Colors Candy Coated topped with Glitter Food and Mega Shine.

I really wish my camera was cooperating for this mani especially! The blue shimmer in this is amazing! It makes it look like it's glowing! The formula was great with this, no fishing or fighting for glitters. Again a glitter smoothing top coat should be used to reduce texture. 

Strung Out On Compliments...
...matte black, neon blue and neon yellow micro hexes in a clear base.

All photos of Strung Out On Compliments are shown as 2 coats over Sinful Colors Sugar Rush topped with Glitter Food and Mega Shine.

This could totally be worn on it's own with another coat or 2. Just remember when building micro glitters to be worn without undies to let each coat thoroughly dry before applying the next. This would look great over just about any color if you want to wear it layered like I did.  Also remember that micro glitters are especially top coat hungry so to smooth it you need a good glitter smoothing top coat. The formula is excellent and applies nice and smooth, not too thick so applying multiple coats wont make it look weird.

You can purchase Jindie Nails on Etsy here. Jen is having her restock later today (Saturday Feb, 23.) at 12PM CST. You can follow Jindie Nails on Facebook, Twitter @JindieNails and Instagram @jindienails.

Will you be stalking Jindie's Etsy for the restock? If so what do you plan on getting? 
Now I am off to bed, I have to paint tomorrow, and I don't mean my nails! Finishing up painting the house I was working on last week, I gotta make some money for that new camera somehow, right?? LOL Have a great weekend ! 

(This product was sent for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by Jindie Nails in any way.)

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